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Step-By-Step Guide for Using a Shower Glass Sealer on your Own

SEO pFOkUS, April 14, 2020

A shower glass sealer is an easy and effective way to seal and maintain your doors on your own. Shower doors are constantly exposed to water splashes and soap scum. Moreover, if you get hard water in your taps, white salt deposits make the surface even more dirty. Regardless of how much you scrub and clean these stains, they reappear after the next use. But, with a glass sealer, you can prevent such stain formation. Here is a quick guide on how you can clean, seal and maintain your shower glass doors yourself.

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You can clean, seal and maintain your surfaces without taking any professional help. The procedure is simple and effective but you need to use the right products. pFOkUS products have been carefully designed to solve your shower glass woes. Follow the steps mentioned below to get a sparkling clean door surface always. But first, let us know about the basic issues faced by a shower glass door.

Problems Faced by a Shower Glass Door:

  • Mineral deposits such as calcium and minerals leave a whitish residue on the surface as soon as the water dries up. These stains make the shower glass look very dirty.
  • Soap scum deposits are also formed when hard water mixes with soap. These also settle on the glass leaving a thin coat of fungal hyphae, which not only ruins the aesthetic beauty of your surfaces but also spreads quickly.
  • Acidic cleaners cause etching marks on the glass. Etched glass becomes porous and allows hard water stains and soap scum to penetrate deeper into the pores, eventually leading to corrosion.

Now let us see a Step-by-Step Guide On Cleaning, Sealing and Maintaining:

Best Way to Clean a Glass Door:

A shower glass sealant cannot be used on a dirty surface. You need to first clean it thoroughly with a cleaner that is gentle on the surface and tough on the stains. You need to first use Benaz, to clean soap scum off glass shower doors. It also removes all the hard water dots. Benaz is the best cleaner for glass showers.


Here is How to Clean with Benaz:

  • Benaz is the best hard water spots and soap scum remover.
  • You need to apply benaz to the applicator and rub it gently over the etched and stained glass surface.
  • Gently massage the surface for 2 to 5 minutes and wipe clean with a dry cloth.
  • You will find a clear and clean surface below.

Best Way to Seal a Shower Glass Door with a Shower Glass Sealer:

Only cleaning cannot guarantee that stains will not occur again. When you use a shower glass sealer, you form a layer of protective coating on the surface, which prevents further stain formation. This hydrophobic layer makes the water sheet off the glass and does not leave any stains. Many of you only stress on cleaning the glass not knowing that there are ways in which you can prevent such stain formation and also frequent cleaning. Sealing also leaves a natural sheen on the surface and preserves the integrity of the glass for long. You need to use a glass surface protectant – Valore Sealer, which can form a protective seal on the glass surface.


Here is How to Seal the Glass with our Shower Glass Sealer:

  • Valore Sealer – our incredible glass protector, forms a protective layer on the glass, thereby preventing hard water stains and soap scum from forming.
  • After your glass is clean and dry, you need to apply a coat of Valore by spraying it on the surface.
  • Next, just wipe it with a soft and clean cloth.
  • You will find a sparkling surface below and the shower glass sealer would have formed a protective layer on your glass, which will make the water sheet off the surface.
  • You can maintain your glass using Valore Maintenance, which acts as a fresh cleaner for weekly maintenance jobs.

Best Way to Maintain your Shower Glass Door:

Valore Maintenance is a combination of glass sealer and cleaner which prevents water dots, corrosion and soap scum from forming on the glass. This shower glass maintenance cleaner makes your weekly maintenance tasks easier and effortless.


Here is How to Maintain your Glass with Valore Maintenance:

  • Use our Valore Maintenance by spraying it on the glass surface.
  • Next, wipe clean with a soft cloth to get a clean and shining surface below.
  • It can be used on a weekly basis to remove the superficial dirt and grime accumulated on the surface.

pFOkUS manufactures incredible products to clean and seal shower glass. Our products have been manufactured after years of research in the laboratories. So if you want to clean and seal shower glass door, grab our products and preserve the beauty of your surfaces.


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