Spotless Bathrooms – 6 Professional Tips to Clean your Shower Tile and Tub

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Bathrooms are one of the most damage prone areas of a house. The constant water splashes and the resulting mold and stains require you to clean and maintain them regularly. But, regardless of how much time and effort you spend on cleaning these surfaces, they tend to look dull and unmaintained after a few years. But, if you follow our professional tips to clean your shower tile and tub, you will be able to preserve their beauty and integrity for long. Our tips will help you restore old and dull-looking bathrooms just like new.

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Professional Tips to Clean and Maintain your Shower Tub and Tile:

1. Clean Mold Buildup and Stains:

If you find mold and mildew on your shower tile and grout, you need to clean it immediately using a natural stone cleaner. Mold quickly spreads on porous grout and tile causing health hazards. Similarly, stains may form on the flooring and tub surface due to dirt, grime and soap scum. These when left ignored, form into dense stains that are hard to clean.

Floor Cleaner - pFOkUS - Impeeria Deep Clean

Imperia Deep Clean from pFOkUS is a deep cleaner that helps you get rid of stains and mold at the root level. Imperia Deep Clean is the best floor cleaner that performs a thorough cleaning by removing all these deep-rooted stains and mold. It removes hidden mold and mildew from the corners as well as from the porous surfaces.

2. Never Use Abrasives:

Never scrub the shower tile and tub with harsh scrubs or pointed tools as this will remove the sealer coat and will lead to scratches. Metal scrubs or other harsh brushes with pointed bristles can easily destroy the top smooth coat of your floorings and walls and lead to unsightly scratches. You can use the grout brush from pFOkUS to remove the stains from your grout lines.

Our grout brush is not only a very practical cleaning accessory but it also gives your cleaning a boost with its perfectly placed V-notched bristles. The brush swivels perfectly in the direction you require, to give you a seamless cleaning experience.

3. Refrain from Using Acidic Cleaners:

Do not use harsh liquids or acidic cleaners on the tile or tub as these will wear off the existing natural stone sealers and also cause etching.

4. Keep Your Tile and Tub Surface Sealed

Only cleaning mold buildup from natural stone does not guarantee that it will not form again as they are porous. After you clean your tile, you should use a sealant to seal your grout and tile. High-quality stone and grout sealers form a waterproof layer on the surface. As water is no longer absorbed by the porous natural stone, it does not lead to mold growth. But before you seal your stone, you should use a grout sealer to seal the grout lines.

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Caponi is an epoxy grout sealer from pFOkUS that is available in more than 40 shades. You can seal your tile using Celine – a topical resin sealer that forms a protective coat on your floorings. You should seal your tub with Saponi – an impactful tub sealer that offers a strong coating on the surface that never peels.

5. Light Daily Cleaning:

A hard surface sealer provides good protection against moisture. But you also need to clean and wipe your surfaces regularly to keep them free from grime and stains. Use Valore Maintenance Cleaner– a fresh cleaner, which can be used weekly to remove stains and sticky grease on the shower areas.

Valore Maintenance from pFOkUS is an impactful weekly cleaner that can be used to remove superficial stains and mold settling on the sealed surface of your showers.

6. Keep your Shower Tile and Tub Dry:

Natural stone tile and grout are highly porous. They absorb water into their pores and lead to mold and mildew breeding. Moreover, hard water stains and soap scum also lead to stains on the surface. You can prevent such staining and mold breeding by ensuring that your floor is dry after use. After every shower use, you should keep your surfaces dry using absorbent cloths, else you could face issues with hard water stains, soap scum and mold buildup.

Follow these tips mentioned above and restore your bathrooms just like new. If you have newly constructed bathrooms, follow our tips to preserve the beauty of your surfaces for long. Most leading tile, stone and grout restoration companies in the United States rely on our products. Grab pFOkUS product range to ensure complete cleanliness and hygiene of your shower tile and tub.


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