Benaz- an Ultimate Shower Glass Cleaner for Glass Doors

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It is that time of the year when festivals visit us back to back. These obviously bring a lot of fun, festivities, gatherings, feasts and celebrations. But along with all the merriment, a tension lingers at the back of your minds always, and that is maintaining the cleanliness of your homes. You want your guests to get impressed with your house-keeping skills, but you are short of time to indulge in heavy duty cleaning frequently. To solve your dilemma, in this article, we shall cover an important segment of home cleaning – shower glass doors using a fabulous shower glass cleaner.

Ultimate Shower Glass Cleaner for Glass Doors

Why is it Important to Maintain the Sparkle of your Shower Glass Doors?

Corona Protection:

The entire world is currently battling the deadly CoronaVirus. We have all been educated to clean our home surfaces with disinfectants and to avoid touching dirty surfaces when outdoors.

Impress your Guests:

When guests use your shower or your bathroom, the very sight of a sparkling glass shower door reduces their tensions drastically. They tend to relax and believe that your house has been thoroughly sanitized and cleaned.

For your Own Peace of Mind:

For the house owners too, it is natural to notice glass shower doors when you enter a bathroom first. If you find it stained, dirty and full of soap scum, you are filled with disgust and a lurking tension in your mind about finding time for cleaning glass shower doors. A clean door brings in happiness, positivity and a sense of complete cleanliness to the user.

Add Longevity and Beauty to your Home Decor:

Lastly, using the right products to maintain the sparkle of your shower glass doors also maintains their integrity and beauty for long.

How to Clean Dirty Glass Shower Doors when you are Short of Time?

Glass Cleaning Service:

When you have guests coming over and you are too busy preparing food or tending to other home decor needs, you can call a professional glass cleaning service to clean and seal your glass doors. But the only problem with hiring a professional service is that it can add up to your bills and mount your maintenance costs. You should do this only when you really have no time in hand or when the amount of cleaning work to be done is huge.

DIY Glass and Windows Cleaning:

DIY Glass and Windows Cleaning

If you have some time in hand and you want to indulge in deep cleaning yourself, we would suggest you to use our shower glass door cleaner – Benaz. We will first explain to you a bit about this fantastic glass cleaner and also guide you on how to use it. We are also attaching a video below to make your DIY task easier.

Problems with Shower Glass Doors:

Glass doors easily get stained with hard water dots or due to soap scum accumulation. Furthermore, shampoo and soap spills leave a nasty acidic stain on the glass. The delicate surface also gets etched on using acidic cleaners. Other enemies of glass doors are dust, dirt, debris and calcium deposits.

Features of Benaz:

This amazing shower glass cleaner is the perfect glass cleaner manufactured keeping the delicate and transparent nature of glass in mind.Benaz thoroughly removes all the hard water stains, soap scums and etching from the glass door. Benaz delivers an ideal tidiness to your shower glass door without damaging the sheen of the surface. Not only for glass doors, this shower glass cleaner is recommended for cleaning cultured marble too.

Here is How to Use Benaz:

  • The first step is to clean your glass door with Benaz.
  • You need to apply benaz to the applicator and rub it gently over the etched and stained glass surface.
  • Gently massage the surface and wipe clean with a dry cloth.
  • You will find a clear and clean surface below.


Video Demonstration:

Here is a small video demonstrating how to use Benaz in an easy-to-understand manner.

Shower Glass Door Sealing Suggestion:

We also suggest you to use Valore Sealer after cleaning shower glass doors with Benaz. Valore sealer forms a protective layer on the surface, making it water-proof. After sealing the glass door with Valore, you will find water to sheet off the glass and not settle. Sealing will prevent accumulation of soap scum, calcium and mineral deposits, hard water stains and etching.

Dirt and dust are inevitable on any glass surface even after they have been cleaned and maintained. For daily cleaning and removal of superfluous stains, we suggest you to use Valore Maintenance Cleaner.

This way, you can use Benaz for cleaning and maintaining your glass doors. If you are looking for a professional company to help you with your cleaning, then you can hire experts from D’Sapone. D’Sapone is one such service provider that offers professional home restoration services such as glass cleaning and sealing, tile and grout cleaning, tile and grout sealing and more. They have trained experts and they have their own patented procedures. Furthermore, they use only high-quality products manufactured by pFOkUS – one of the leading restoration product manufacturing companies in the US. pFOKUS is a wholesale and retail company selling restoration products for residential and commercial uses.


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