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Frameless and Framed Shower Door Bottom Seals – pFOkUS

SEO pFOkUS, May 12, 2020

Dry shower areas ooze of luxury and comfort. To keep your bathrooms dry, you invest in expensive glass shower doors and costly fittings that not only help to keep your spaces dry but also look luxurious and trending. The concept of frameless and framed shower door bottom seals is not quite old. It was invented to give your glass doors a very sleek, un-obstacled and seamless look. But not all glass door seals serve their purpose well of keeping the water from leaking out of the doors.

Framed and frameless shower door bottom seals

To prevent this nagging issue, pFOkUS came up with its exemplary range of framed and frameless door seals which have been engineered with impressive design, functioning, quality and efficiency. In this article, we shall explain in-depth about our seals and tips to install them.

Frameless Bottom Seals:

Fusing technology and ease, our frameless door seals are par excellence! These are crafted from polycarbonate, rubber or vinyl. We have 12 varieties of frameless door seals which can be further categorized into push on, pre-taped and those which adhere with a double-sided tape only. These are different in regards to design, material, length, width and installation procedures. Some have a T-shaped top, while some come with a bulb-shaped top. Our glass shower door seals can easily snap-on the drip rail. The basic price begins at $16.95 with the pre-taped ones costing around $18.95.

Frameless Shower Door Seals:


This one is available in 98”, which is suitable for ⅜” and ½” glass. It comes in a pre-taped type variation and a regular one. The DS100 frameless shower door seal can be used in both out-swing or in-swing glass doors. There are different length legs on the seal which prevent water from escaping the gaps between the doors.

DS100 frameless shower door seal


DS108 door seal comes in pre-taped or regular type. The pre-taped one is easier to install than the regular one which needs a double sided tape to adhere to the seal. This one has a length of 98” in both the types.


This one is 98” long for a glass size of 3/16 inches through ½ inches. It is available in pre-taped variety. The seal also adheres with our double-sided tape. This one can be used for glass doors that swing both ways and it can be used on the front and back of the door.


This one is a T-shaped shower door side seal. It is available in 98” inches length for 3/16” and ½” glass. DS9397 seal adheres to the glass door with our DS200 double-sided tape which is sold separately. We also have a pre-taped frameless shower door seal for easy installation. This T-shaped seal is used for shower doors that swing both in and out. This can also be used as a shower door seal replacement for DS9371.

pFOkUS DS9397 Frameless Shower Door Seal


This one is similar to DS107, but the bubble is soft and collapses with pressure.


Similar to DS106 and DS107, this one has one rigid and one soft fin.


This seal can be used on both the hinge side and between the shower door and glass panel. This 90 degree angle seal helps prevent water from escaping gaps between the doors.


This frameless shower door seal is available in 32, 36 and 98 inches lengths. It has an easy installation and a tight grip technology. It easily attaches onto the side of the glass panel. It also has soft fin cushions that protect the door when it slams.

pFOkUS DS9010 Frameless Shower Door Seal


This is a waterproof door seal with a flexible fin that prevents water from escaping. This one is the only kind that can prevent leaks at the corners. It is available in a few glass sizes including 32 and 36 inches lengths.


This one is a 90 degrees magnetic seal. It is available in 32, 36 and 98 inches lengths for separate glass sizes. This one is available in 45 degrees angle as well.


DS9001 frameless shower door seal is an inline panel seal that can be used on 180 degrees inline glass and also on door-to-door glass panel applications. Its soft vinyl flap provides a cushioning effect in door closure and also reduces noise. You can snap onto the fixed panel by pushing the seal over the glass. You will not require any tools for this installation unless you need to trim it to match your glass door size.


This is our double-sided tape that works in perfect unison with shower glass. It can easily stick to glass and metal surfaces.


Some Important Tips While Installing our Frameless Shower Door Seals:

  • The seals that push over the glass do not require any adhesive as they come with a strong grip.
  • All you need to do is to measure the height of the door and cut your seal accordingly.
  • Most of the seals come pre-taped.
  • We also sell pFOkUS wipe that can be extremely useful in cleaning the etch marks on your glass door.

Framed Bottom Seals:

Investing in a new seal for your framed shower door is a good decision if you want to give your shower a makeover. It not only increases the aesthetic beauty of your bathroom but also gives you a very clean, dry and contemporary entrance for your shower. Framed shower doors have a metal frame around the perimeter of the door and a drip rail at the bottom. But the drip rail tends to get spoilt due to repeated water splashes. Replacing the rail seal is an easier job than replacing the entire drip rail and it also works out economically.

Framed shower door seals are also made from vinyl, rubber or polycarbonate like the frameless ones. As each door has a different seal requirement, we have designed various kinds of seals, all with a flexible material. Our framed glass shower door seals are very thin and light in weight. Each one costs $16.95.
Mentioned – Below are our Framed Door Seals:


This framed door seal is 36” long for 3/16” through ½” glass. It easily adheres to the glass with a double-sided tape which has to be purchased separately. The DS9397 seal comes in a T-shape and is used for shower glass doors which open both inside and outside.

DS9397 Framed Glass shower door seal


This seal is crafted from high-quality polycarbonate material and is 36” long. This one is a T-shape clear replacement seal which easily slides into the drip rail and requires no tools. You just need to slide the existing seal out of the drip rail and slide the new DS2811 seal into the grooves. This seal comes in clear or translucent shade. You can easily cut the seal with a pair of scissors or a knife to make it fit your drip rail.


The DS8228 framed glass door seal is a clear replacement seal which can easily slide into the drip rail. This one measures 36” in length. You just need to slide the current seal out of the drip rail and slide the new one inside the grooves. This seal is available in a clear shade and can be easily cut with a scissors or a utility knife. Most seals have a lifespan of 5 years after which they need to be replaced.

DS8184 :

Our DS8184 framed door seal is very easy to install and replace. This one measures 36” in length. This one comes with a round pattern that can easily slide into the drip rail. This one comes in a box packing along with 4 shims ¼” and 6 shims 1/32”.

 pFOkUS DS8184 Glass Shower Door

DS8229 :

This is our framed shower door seal with a clear and flexible ribbed shape. It easily slides into the drip rail with no extra tools required.

DS8227 :

This one is a clear star shaped framed glass seal that slides into the bottom of the door through the drip rail. You do not need any extra tools for this one.


This framed glass shower door seal is our only black colored flexible and soft replacement seal that can easily slide into the drip rail with no tools needed.

How to Measure Glass?

When it comes to measuring framed glass shower doors, you can use our measuring guide. The framed doors have a standard size of 36 inches or smaller. If you are confused about the seal size, you can match your old one with the pictures on our website. Send the pictures to us and we can also match it for you.


Frameless shower glass has standard four different thickness. The ⅜ inches size is the most popular. The other thicknesses are ¼ inches, 5/16 inches and ½ inches. These glasses generally have a tapered edge and so, while measuring, you need to start from the farthest points on each side. The measuring tape also has a metal clip at the end. To avoid errors, always start measuring from 1 or 2 inches and then add accordingly.

We focus on protecting our shower glass seals even while shipping by packing them in crystal clear packaging for easy measurements. We send these products in 7 m plastic sleeves to prevent scratches and the powder coat finish during shipping.

So if you want to prevent shower door leaks then hurry up and grab our frameless and framed shower door bottom seals from pFOkUS today! Prevent water from escaping and keep your bathrooms clean and dry to ensuring beauty and hygiene.


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