Just Love your Shower Tile But Hate the Glass with Hard Water Dots?

pFOkUS Admin, May 24, 2017

Is your glass door – the entrance to the shower, looking bad with all the hard water dots, etching and soap scum? If the glass is stained and etched, it will ruin the look of the entire shower, no matter how clean the tile and grout are. Showers are the most humid places in homes or buildings as they receive more water than your roof in a year. Only the best shower glass restoration products can preserve the look and durability of your door, else it is nothing short of a burden.

Calcium and magnesium dissolved in water create hard water dots, diminishing the value of the glass, which is smooth on the surface but it looks all Grand Canyon under a microscope. Hard dots dry to it, while the minerals are left behind that embed themselves in the door. pFOkUS is the leading shower glass cleaner and sealer manufacturing company you can rely on to be your one-stop solution. We pride ourselves on designing high quality products, taking the glass doors to the next level for a lifetime.

Clean Hard Water Dots on Shower Glass Door Using pFOkUS Products

Restoration items, from removing the water spots to glass sealing, are all listed below…

Benaz – an Etching, Soap Scum and Hard Water Dots Remover:

Soapy buildup and hard water dots allowed to accumulate on the glass cause etching and damage the doors. Most cleaners eliminate the buildup, but they don’t reverse etching. pFOkUS delivers a richly engineered and very durable etching, soap scum and water spot remover called Benaz. No matter how stained or etched your glass doors are, it will bring that fresh new look to the entrance to your shower you strive for without damaging the surface. Once you use this powerful cleaner, all the hard water dots, soap scum and etching will get removed while creating an incredible clear resolution.

Benaz - A Powerful Hard Water Spot Remover

Not only does it clean shower glass doors, it also restores cultured marble basins that are stained with a heavy build up of soap scum. Benaz will create an astonishing look, eliminating the water stains, bar soap and etching. Cleaning the surface using epoxy or cheap enamel finish will ruin the beauty of the surface within months. Benaz can almost eliminate all the hard dots for a fraction of the cost.

How to Use Benaz?

  • Spray Benaz to the stained and etched glass.
  • Massage the surface.
  • Wipe clean.


Valore – a Glass Sealer:

After your glass door has been cleaned, it will stain again in short order if not protected with an incredibly designed sealer. Calcium and magnesium are still present in the water that will form hard water dots on the surface once they dry. Meet Valore, which will not just seal your glass, it will do all the work for you. Seal the door with Valore and save your time while keeping a stunning shower. It has been designed to prevent water stains and etching from deteriorating the quality of your glass. As we said, glass is the entrance to the shower and can change the way your clean and sanitized tile and grout look with all the water spots.

Valore – An Incredible Glass Sealer

How to Use Valore?

  • Spray Valore throughout the entire shower glass door.
  • Wipe clean it with a dry towel.
  • Apply Valore once every two or 3 weeks from shoulder down and wipe dry.
  • Again apply it once every three months from shoulder up and wipe.


You can buy our Benaz and Valore restoration kit that also includes a scratch free white pad.

Benaz and Valore Restoration Kit

These are just our shower glass cleaning and sealing products. We also manufacture exquisite cleaners and sealers for the tile and grout that will waterproof your shower without damaging the surface. Our deep penetrating tile cleaner will clean and sanitize your shower floor and walls while penetrating deep to strip mold, mildew and stains at the root. It will also lift the sealers, if already present in the surface. Regular products remove stains only at the top of the surface while damaging its integrity.

However, our high quality grout sealer will prevent your grout lines from staining unlike water based sealers, which will peel and wear of the surface within months. We offer a titanium sealer that comes in over 40 color options that are enough to match the current grout color. It is a chemical resistant epoxy grout sealer.

We have designed the most powerful natural stone sealer, closing all the stone pores while adding a slight sheen. It will create a perfect lush protection to keep the beautiful appearance of your shower. We also design a powerful caulk substitute, filling all the corners while delivering a natural look with its thin lines. It will waterproof your shower preventing the birth of mold and mildew. Sentura also comes in more than 40 color options.


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