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Maintaining the cleanliness, beauty and hygiene of your home and commercial complex’s surfaces can be quite tough, if you do not have the right products. Often customers get lured by fancy advertising and end up buying tile and grout cleaning products, making the surface look unmaintained within months. In this article, we will briefly discuss the common issues with tile, grout and glass. We will also give suggestions on some tried and tested household cleaning products.

pFOkUS - Tile, Grout and Glass Restoration Products

Have you ever wondered why your tile or grout look dirty and discolored within months, despite using cleaners on the surface? Below we have discussed the common issues with your surface and why it allows stains and mold to take place.

Porous Grout:

Porous Grout - pFOkUS products

Grout, made of cement and sand is filled in between two tiles to join them well. It is permeable, absorbs all liquids, even the dirty mop water, causing mold, stains and discoloration. These damages also soak deep into grout, but regular cleaners only eliminate the stains and mold present on the surface which can further take place throughout the entire floor and wall. You need to use a good-quality tile and grout cleaner that not only cleans the tile, but also eliminates the dirt, stains and mold from your grout.

Easily Stained Tile:

Easily Stained Tile - pFOkUS

Natural stone, such as marble, slate and travertine, brings the touch of nature to your home and buildings, but it also needs to be cleaned with powerful cleaners to maintain its beauty. Natural stone is permeable and allows moisture, water, stains, mold and dirt to seep deep-within its surfaces, leading to dense staining. Regular cleaners will only remove the damages at the top while degrading the quality of your natural stone. If you don’t take the best solution, the mold and mildew will not just ruin the look of your tile and grout, they will also cause some health issues such as eye irritation, runny nose and wheezing.

Non-natural tile is not porous, but susceptible to etch marks and staining. Superfluous stains and mold often develop on the surface, ruining its look.

Easily Stained Glass:

Easily Stained Glass - pfokus products

Glass used in your shower doors, shelves and other such surfaces in bathrooms often gets tarnished due to hard water spots, soap scum accumulation, etch marks and mold formation. If you do not clean your glass surfaces properly with glass-approved cleaners, you will soon have to bear the consequences of permanently damaged or badly corroded and etched glass.

pFOkUS’ Premium-Quality Household Cleaning Products:

pFOkUS’ product range focuses on removing these issues from these surfaces without compromising on the integrity and beauty. These products have been formulated in the laboratories after years of research. They are capable of removing the deep-rooted stains and mold, superfluous stains and mold, etch marks and any such other dirt that is spoiling your surfaces.

pFOkUS Product Range:

Imperia Deep Clean:

Imperia Deep Clean – is our deep penetrating floor cleaner, which removes the stains and mold at the root level. It sanitizes and preps tile and grout without damaging the integrity of tile.



Zido is our incredible efflorescence cleaner. Often tile and grout appear stained by a cement-like white discharge appearing from the drain. This chemical manufactured by pFOkUS has revolutionized the way this powdery residue can be removed without leaving any harsh residue or chemicals behind.



If you are desiring a high-grade clarity and beauty of your glass surface, you should try our best cleaner for glass shower doors – Benaz. This revolutionary glass cleaner will not only make your task easier, but will also render a sparkling clean surface instantly. Benaz is also used to clean cultured marble. It gently removes the stains and mold, giving you ideal clarity of your glass and cultured marble surfaces.


Imperia Maintenance Cleaner:

We also manufacture a tile and grout cleaner – Imperia Maintenance Cleaner, which acts as a fresh cleaner leaving the surface sparkling clean and free from grime. This product can be used on a weekly basis as it makes your chores easier and effortless.


Valore Maintenance Cleaner:

This is a tile, grout and glass maintenance cleaner just like Imperia Maintenance. It is a combination of a cleaner and sealer that manages to keep the top-sealant coat intact, while also removing the stains and dirt. It is infused with 6.97% H2O2 at the molecular level, and is a stronger maintenance cleaner when compared to Imperia Maintenance. For all your maintenance needs, you can grab this floor, walls, shower and countertop cleaner and sealer.


Not only household cleaning products, pFOkUS also manufactures some excellent and high-quality restoration products such as tile and grout repairing products in case of chips and cracks, and sealing products for glass, grout and tile. Here is a detailed description of our sealers and adhesive.


To prevent your grout from staining or cracking, we have a wonderful product that can seal the grout permanently. Caponi is our epoxy grout sealer, which is available in 40 different colors. Caponi has a durable titanium base which does its work in just a single coat. It is a pigmented grout sealing system that is built on a rock-solid 2-part solvent titanium resin/epoxy foundation.



People get caulking done to seal their shower corners. But, caulk tends to peel off or crack in wet and dry conditions respectively. We have specially manufactured a powerful sealer to offer you a better solution instead of caulk. Sentura – a two part pigmented flexible solvent based epoxy/resin, formulated with a 1200psi adhesion, ensures that it never pops out from the surface. It prevents bacterial breeding at the shower corners.


Sentura is not only used as a caulk replacer, but also to repair missing grout, cracked grout and cracked or chipped tile. This powerful adhesive can be used as a filler in place of grout to give you a seamless grout repair job. Similarly, it can be used to fill in cracks and chips in tile and give you a uniform-looking surface.


Just cleaning tile and grout does not ensure that they will not get dirty again. pFOkUS also manufactures Celine – a clear topical solvent-based resin product, which is the best countertop, shower and floor sealer. It creates a hydrophobic surface on the tile and grout, thereby preventing passage of liquids. Once your natural stone tile and grout are clean, the pores will open, allowing the passage of all liquids. Celine shuts all the pores to prevent the occurrence of stains and mold.  It also adds a slight sheen to the surface.


Valore Sealer:

Just like you need to create a waterproof layer over tile and grout to prevent it from re-staining, you also need to seal your glass surfaces as well after cleaning. pFOkUS’ glass sealer – Valore Sealer is an excellent sealer that creates a hydrophilic layer over your cleaned and dry glass surface, thereby making the water sheet-off the surface. This layer prevents hard water stains and soap scum to settle on the glass.


Sweeps and Seals:

Sweeps and seals for shower glass doors can also be considered as household cleaning products as they help to prevent leaks from shower doors. pFOkUS manufactures an ideal range of sweeps and seals also, that can help you seal the gaps in your doors and enjoy a dry and clean bathroom floor at all times.

An ideal cleanliness job begins with gathering the right household cleaning products. Furthermore, you need to indulge in a step-by-step cleaning process. Next, you should use our restoration products to ensure that your surfaces do not get dirty again quickly. So next time your tile and grout need cleaning and maintenance, grab the right products. These are necessary if you want to preserve the beauty of your surfaces for long.


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