Shower Door Threshold – Preventing Leaks from Gaps

SEO pFOkUS, February 17, 2021

You all love dry shower areas. To keep them dry, you invest in costly shower doors and glass fittings to ensure that the water does not leak out from the shower and make the bathroom wet. But in spite of using such costly products, most of you complain of water leaking out of glass doors in the shower. The reason for these shower door leaks is the gaps left on the doors due to improper installation. If your contractor is suggesting you change the door, then you must know that you can install a good quality shower door threshold to prevent glass shower door leaks.

pFOkUS’ Shower Door Thresholds

A good door enclosure keeps your bathrooms dry. pFOkUS brings an easy solution to this with its impressive range of glass shower enclosures. Our products are the best in terms of design, efficiency, functioning and quality. Our glass door fittings include frameless shower door sweeps, glass shower door seals and shower door thresholds.

pFOkUS’ Shower Door Thresholds:

Our aluminium door thresholds are carved from a solid block of aluminium. They have a seamless and unique look, that is the sleekest way to prevent glass shower door leaks. Sometimes, there are large gaps between the shower glass and these cannot be filled with a sweep. Our thresholds help to cover these gaps without sacrificing functionality.


We have two main kinds of thresholds available in different color finishes. Here is a brief about their color, size, installation and shipping.

  • DS201 and DS202:

Our two important shower door thresholds are DS201 and DS202. Both of them are available in brush nickel, chrome, gold, oil-rubbed bronze color and white finish. They are not painted but powder coated. As they are available in different color finishes, you can select the shade that matches your bathroom interiors. Both DS201 and DS202 are available in 32, 36 and 98 inches. Our DS201 and DS202 thresholds can last upto 20 years as they are engineered out of very thick aluminium.


  • Use:

The basic use of installing a shower door threshold is to stop the leakage from large gaps in shower doors. These gaps arise when the surface of the floor is uneven or when the door measurements are not taken properly. When there is a large gap between the ground and the door, the cascading water leaks and comes out, making your entire bathroom wet. Thresholds can be installed on the inside or outside of your shower door and skillfully prevent water from seeping out. While small gaps between the floor and the door can be filled using a sweep, a larger gap can be fixed only with a threshold.

  • Installation:

To fit our color thresholds in your glass door, you can simply use a silicone caulk tube. Next, you need to place a bead on both the sides of the threshold and press firmly down. In order to make the threshold fit your door opening, you can use a fine tooth hex saw to cut the aluminium.

  • Shipping:

We focus on protecting our shower door thresholds even while shipping by packing them in crystal clear packaging for easy measurements. We send these products in 7 m plastic sleeves to prevent scratches and the powder coat finish during shipping.In the box, you can find 4 shims of ¼ inches and 6 shims of 1/32 inches, along with your selected threshold.

So what are you waiting for? Grab our high-quality shower door thresholds to prevent shower door leaks from gaps in your shower doors. Enjoy a dry and healthy shower for long! Not only shower door thresholds, we even manufacture drip rails, shower door seals and shower door sweeps to fit different kinds of framed and frameless shower doors.


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