A Perfect Tile Cleaning Product to Spice up the Look of Your Floor

SEO pFOkUS, February 5, 2019

Are you frustrated scrubbing the stains and mold from your floor tile every week? No matter how much effort you put to clean your surfaces, they are never totally stain-free. This is a nagging problem faced by most people and you often wish you had a powerful tile cleaning product which could just chase away all the stains and mold quickly without putting in much effort! But what if we tell you that there is such a product which not only astonishingly eliminates stains, mold and mildew, but also makes your surfaces shine like new?

Imperia Deep Clean:

Meet – Imperia Deep Clean, an incredible floor tile grout cleaner, which penetrates deep within the surface and eliminates all the dirt and grime at the root level. Unlike other acidic cleaners that damage the floor, Imperia Deep Clean is alkaline and hence gentle on the surface. It does not damage the integrity of the surface.

This product is from pFOkUS – a leading floor tile, grout, stone and glass restoration products manufacturer in the United States.

Imperia Deep Clean - The Most Powerful Floor Tile Grout Cleaner

If you are still not convinced, read the various benefits of this cleaner below.


  • It is a deep soaking cleaner which not only removes stains, mold and mildew from the top of the surface but also at the root level.
  • It does not cause etching on the floor tile because it is alkaline in nature.
  • It is gentle on the tile and hard on stains and mold.
  • This tile cleaner does not leave any residue or any chemical odor.
  • It is extremely cost-efficient as it comes in a concentrated bottle and can be diluted upto 1 gallon.

Even if you clean your flooring once, it gets stained quickly again causing you to spend your precious time and energy in restoring its beauty. To bring an end to such time-consuming maintenance jobs, we have brought an incredible tile and grout cleaner – Imperia Maintenance Cleaner, which makes your cleaning job easier and more efficient.

Imperia Maintenance Cleaner:

Imperia Maintenance cleaner is a weekly maintenance stone and tile cleaning product which makes your cleaning job easier and with less effort. Once you have removed the stains from your tile and grout, you can use Imperia Maintenance Cleaner which acts as a fresh cleaner leaving the surface sparkling clean and free from grime. We also have our incredible range of natural stone and shower glass restoration products which will help you to keep your surface stain-free and etch-free.

 Imperia Maintenance Cleaner - Stone Tile Cleaning and Maintenance Product

A leading tile and grout restoration company – D’Sapone only uses our products. D’Sapone is so confident about performing restoration with Imperia Deep Clean and other products from us, that they also offer a 5-year labor warranty for their services. Not only this floor tile cleaning product, but one can also find other sealers and glass cleaners from pFOkUS.

So what are you waiting for? Avail our tile cleaning products now to render your homes, commercial complexes and shower areas spic and span. So call us @ (800) 977-8313 for more information.


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