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Most floor-cleaners available on the market today contain acidic chemicals. This poses a threat for those who have small children at home or are chemically-sensitive. There are a few herbal floor cleaners available at well, but they do not give the best results. pFOkUS’ Imperia Deep Clean is a powerful and robust cleaner that is made with alkaline and safe ingredients. Here, we will explain more about our mold and stain blasting floor cleaner, but before that we will address some common issues.

deep mold root remover - pFOkUS

Commonly Faced Issues while Floor-Cleaning:

Why is my Floor Still Dirty after Mopping?

Regardless of what kind of mopping stick you use for cleaning your floors, you also need a good dirt-destroying floor cleaner to get completely spic and span surfaces. While mops prevent you from bending and cleaning a floor the traditional way, they also need the help of a good surface cleaner to render the best results. Imperia Deep Clean does the stain, mold and dirt removal, while a mop helps you soak up the dirty wet liquid. If you find your floors still dirty after mopping, consider changing your floor cleaner.

My Floor-Cleaner removes the Superfluous Dirt, but am worried that Mold may be inside my Porous Natural Stone Tile Floors

Most floor cleaners only have a mild detergent with some fragrance. An impactful floor cleaner should have a dirt-destroying capability as well as the ability to penetrate deeper into porous surfaces and also eliminate hidden stains and mold at the root-level. If you feel your natural stone tile floor may have mold beneath, then you must take quick action, as this mold will quickly spread on top of the surface. You can do that by using a deep-penetrating cleaner.

pFOkUS’ Imperia Deep Clean has all the qualities and features of a robust floor cleaner. It is explained in-depth below.

Imperia Deep Clean:

Imperia Deep Clean – a deep soaking tile cleaner penetrates into the surface knocking off the mold, mildew and stains at the root level. Unlike other acidic cleaners which damage the tiles, Imperia Deep Clean is alkaline and hence gentle on the surface. We highly recommend you to use Imperia Deep Clean if you do not want to damage the integrity of the surface. It is also alkaline and does not cause etching like acidic cleaners. This dirt-destroying floor cleaner gets rid of all the harmful bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms prevalent on your floors and other hard surfaces that are not visible to the naked eye.

Mold and Stain Blasting Floor Cleaner from pFOkUS



  • Imperia Deep Clean has a unique ‘dirt-destroying’ technology. As soon as you apply
  • Imperia on the floor surface, it’s rapid-action works to loosen the bonds of dense stains and remove them easily.
  • It naturally gets rid of streaks, marks, stains, mold, mildew and other harmful bacteria from the floors without leaving any marks.
  • Imperia Deep Clean has a rare feature of deep-penetration that enables it to enter the pores of porous tile and grout and eliminate mold, bacteria and stains from within.
  • It delivers an amazing cleaning performance that leaves your surfaces feeling fresh and thoroughly sanitized.
  • It easily removes oily and sticky stains from a dirty greasy kitchen floor.


  • This floor cleaner is great for all kinds of natural stone surfaces such as travertine, slate, granite, grout and non-natural stone surfaces like ceramic and porcelain as well.
  • It’s deep-soaking action helps you thoroughly sanitize your floors at the root level. Most cleaners just clean the dirty tile floors from the top only, but this one penetrates deep within.
  • It is available in a concentrated formulation and you can dilute it upto 1 gallon. This makes it very economical and practical for deep-cleaning jobs.


  • Imperia Deep Clean is a star floor cleaner that is the perfect product for tackling DIY cleaning tasks.
  • It is reasonably priced as compared to the other products available on the market.


This is the A to Z of our Imperia Deep Clean. Try this product on your home surfaces to see the results yourself.


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