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Tile, grout and shower restoration products are often misused and hence you do not get the best results. While some products are not as efficient as they claim to be, there are some which are great but do not provide proper instructions. If you are hiring professional services for your tile, grout, and shower restoration, then you need not worry as the experts know how to use them, but if you are planning a DIY, then a brief about their usage can prevent you from wastage and will also help you get desirable results. Here is a detailed guide on how to use the tile, grout and shower restoration products from one of the leading restoration products manufacturing company – pFOkUS.

Shower Restoration Step-By-Step Guide

When you plan to perform a Do-It-Yourself shower restoration procedure, you need first to note the different areas which will need deep cleaning, repair and sealing:

  • Flooring and Walls:

People generally install natural stone like slate, travertine, marble, etc for their flooring and walls or non-natural stone such as ceramic and porcelain. While artificial stone poses no threat of mold, natural stone does. It is porous and tends to absorb water and moisture inside its pores, which further leads to mold breeding. Mold not only ruins the aesthetics of your flooring but also poses a health hazard. If you have used acidic cleaners in the past for mold removal, you might have etching marks on your surface.

Moreover, soap scum and hard water stains further ruin the look of your flooring and walls. You need to use a deep-penetrating tile cleaner that can knock off the hidden and superficial germs and dirt from your flooring and render it completely sanitized. You might chipped or cracked tile in your flooring and walls too. These can be repaired by adhesives and fillers. The tile then needs to be sealed to prevent further damage.

  • Glass Surfaces:

Your glass surfaces such as shower glass doors and glass shelves also get attacked by soap scum, etching and hard water stains. These need to be cleaned with high-quality cleaners, which remove the stains without ruining the integrity of your glass. Not only cleaning, glass restoration includes sealing the glass surfaces to prevent re-staining.

  • Grout:

Grout is also porous and provides an excellent breeding ground for mold and mildew after absorbing water. This grout should be cleaned by deep-penetrating cleaners that can eliminate the hidden mold and germs at the root-level so that you do not face grout discolouration or staining issues. Not only grout cleaning issues, grout restoration also includes repair cracked or missing grout and then sealing it further to prevent re-staining.

So, once you have jotted down the areas in your shower that need deep cleaning and restoration, you can get to work with high-quality restoration product range from pFOkUS.

Tile, Grout, and Shower Restoration Products from pFOkUS and How to Use Them:

Imperia Deep Clean

Our very efficient shower tile and grout cleaner – Imperia Deep Clean is a deep-penetrating cleaner, which enters into the pores of tile and grout and eliminates stains and mold at the root level. Acidic cleaners cause etching on the tile surface, but Imperia Deep Clean is alkaline in nature and does not cause any damage on the surface. It is gentle on the surface and tough on the stains.


Here is How to Use Imperia Deep Clean:

  • First, fill the sprayer bottle with the concentrated solution of Imperia Deep Clean.
  • Next, fill the sprayer bottle with hot water up to 1 gallon.
  • Fill a second sprayer bottle with hot water. Adding 8 oz of alcohol to the neutralizer will help dry the surface faster.
  • After solutions are ready, start spraying from top to bottom.
  • Spray on the floor and allow to dry for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Re-apply Imperia and do not allow it to dry on the surface this time.
  • Scrub the grout lines and tile in back and forth motion using our Grout Brush to get the best and professional results.
  • Next, retract the shower floor and the corners.

Imperia Maintenance Cleaner

After you have cleaned your tile and grout with Imperia Deep Clean, you would have eliminated all the deep-rooted stains and mold. You now need our Imperia Maintenance Cleaner to perform your weekly maintenance tasks. This acts as a fresh cleaner, which removes all the dirt and grime accumulated on the surface. Our tile and grout cleaner makes your weekly cleaning tasks easier and effortless.


Here is How to Use Imperia Maintenance Cleaner:

  • Spray the cleaner on the tile surface.
  • Leave it for a few minutes.
  • Wipe clean with a soft and clean cloth.
  • You will find a sparkling surface beneath.


This is an excellent grout sealer.  It is available in 40 different colors, which are mostly in earthy and neutral tones. It is a pigmented grout sealing system with a durable titanium base that does its work in just one coat. It is suitable for sealing both sanded and unsanded grout.


Here is How to Seal Grout with Caponi:

  • After the grout has dried properly after cleaning, you can apply the epoxy grout sealer. Experts use an Italian made grout painting brush to apply Caponi.
  • Apply the sealant in a smooth and even coat over the grout lines. You need to take care that you do not miss out any part of the grout.
  • After applying Caponi on the grout lines, you can wipe off the excess build-up using Alco – a paint thinner.


You can remove all the etching, hard water stains and soap scum with Benaz – our shower glass cleaner. It gives you a clear glass door by easily removing all the stains and leaving is sparkling. Low-quality products only remove the stains but do not eliminate the etching. Acidic cleaners also damage the glass surface. Benaz imparts an ideal clarity and cleanliness to your shower door.


Here is how you can Clean your Surface with Benaz:

  • For cleaning with Benaz, you need to apply the liquid on the applicator and rub it gently over the dirty glass surface.
  • Massage the glass and then wipe clean with a dry cloth. You will find a clear and clean surface below.


For sealing your glass, you can use a revolutionary glass sealer – Valore, which is the ultimate shower glass sealer. It shields the glass from hard water stains and renders a hydrophilic layer on the surface, thereby preventing any further stain formation.


Here is How you can Seal your Glass Using Valore Sealer:

  • After using Benaz, you need to wait for some time to ensure that the glass is dry.
  • Next, spray shower glass sealer – Valore on the full glass surface.
  • Wipe clean with a soft and dry cloth. The sealer would have formed a protective layer in just one coat.
  • Now when you splash water on the surface, you will be surprised to find the water not form any droplets on the surface. Valore bonds to glass surfaces and prevents bacteria, germs and mold.

So, grab these tile, grout and shower restoration products and perform a DIY restoration task in your shower to restore it just like new.


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