It’s Almost Mother’s Day 2020! Gift Your Mom an Entire Range Of the Best Home Restoration Products

SEO pFOkUS, April 24, 2020

Mother’s Day 2020 is around the corner and if you are searching for the ideal gift to make your mom happy, then we have the perfect idea. Mothers often get paranoid about scrubbing and cleaning your homes. If you hate to see your mother toil every day maintaining your floorings, showers or countertops, then we can help you! pFOkUS brings an entire range of home restoration products that bring guaranteed results.

Mother’s Day is all about making mom’s happy, stress-free. While you cannot take out much time every day to reduce their workload, on this day specially, many of you go out of your way to make her happier. You plan surprise dinners, lunches, outings and even shower your moms with lovely gifts.

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As the world is currently struggling to keep Coronavirus out of reach of their homes and loved ones, our range of mother’s day gifts will be especially helpful. pFOkUS home restoration products include cleaners, repair products, sealers and maintenance products. Our cleaners and maintenance products can assist you to eradicate COVID-19 germs from your hard surfaces.

How can pFOkUS Products Help Reduce the Strain on Moms this Mother’s Day?

Cleaning Floorings:

If your mom puts in a lot of effort to clean your floorings and walls, then our product range can definitely help to reduce her strain. If you have natural stone installed in your floorings, walls and countertops, then these are prone to staining and mold formation due to their porosity.

Gift your mom the best deep cleaner – Imperia Deep Clean, that can eliminate germs and mold at the root level. Help your mother clean the rigid stains and mold from your floorings using Imperia Deep Clean.

Countertop Cleaners:

Reduce your mom’s load by gifting her an impactful kitchen countertop cleaner from pFOkUS. A low-quality product often requires one to put in more efforts to get the desired results. Countertops and floor cleaners from pFOkUS are quite efficient in removing dense stains and grime without causing any damage to the surfaces. They also render quick results without much effort.

Grab Imperia Maintenance and Valore Maintenance from pFOkUS to maintain and clean the superficial stains settling on your countertops. Valore Maintenance is infused with H2O2 and hence is quite impactful in killing the germs and mold infecting your surfaces. Imperia Maintenance and Valore Maintenance can be cleaned for daily light cleaning of your surfaces. If you need help in removing COVID-19 germs, then our products can be very helpful.

Shower Cleaners:

Showers are prone to water splashes all the time and hence hard water stains, soap scum, greasy grime and dirt are easily accumulated on the surface. Moreover, mold also breeds in wet areas. You thank and give credit to your mom for maintaining your houses so well. But this Mother’s Day, try to reduce her strain! Gift her the best shower rejuvenating products and help her remove all the dirt and mold at the root level.

pFOkUS has the best shower cleaner to help you clean your showers at a professional level. Buy Benaz – glass cleaner as it quickly removes all the stains and dirt from your glass surfaces revealing sparkling glass doors and shelves.

Mothers day Gift - pDOkUS

So, if you are confused about giving a gift to your mom that would bring a smile on her face, then think no further than pFOkUS home restoration products. Grab them today and help your mom keep your homes sanitized, clean, sparkling like new.


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