Celebrate the spirit of freedom this 4th of july and you have all the Right Reasons to Grab our Shower Restoration Products!

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As we celebrate our homeland’s Independence Day on the 4th of July, pFOkUS envisions all American homes independent of dirt, grime, dust, stains and mold. Independence can come in various forms and one such form is freedom from daily cleaning and scouring your home surfaces. Home maintenance is a big task and it can easily take away your freedom, especially if you love spic and span home surfaces. Shower areas are the most vulnerable places in a house and often get attacked by mold, dirt, soap scum and hard water stains. These shower villains reek of a bad odor, ruin the aesthetic beauty of your surfaces and also render your bathroom unhygienic. To help you all get free from such tedious home cleaning jobs, we have brought our incredible range of shower restoration products. Right from cleaning, sealing, repairing and polishing, we have everything it takes to restore your shower just like new.

Celebrate Independence Day 4th of July with pFOkUS

pFOkUS is proud to reveal its exciting range of shower restoration products, which have stormed the market and taken the lead since their very inception. Here we have explained each of our bestselling shower restoration products in detail and their significance in shower maintenance:

Caponi – a Shower Epoxy Grout Sealer:

Caponi is our very incredible epoxy grout sealer. It is available in 40 shades. This pigmented grout sealing system is formulated with a 2-part solvent titanium resin/epoxy base. Caponi seals the grout lines in just one coat.


We recommend you to use Caponi after cleaning your grout, so as to deliver a protective barrier on the grout lines, thereby preventing them from further moisture absorption and subsequent mold breeding and staining.

Sentura – a Caulk Substitute:

We have specially manufactured a powerful sealer to offer you a better solution instead of caulk. Sentura – a two-part pigmented solvent 1200psi adhesive, ensures that it never pops out from the surface. It protects the floor from bacteria and stains which breed in shower corners. It wouldn’t be wrong to call Sentura as the best caulk remover.


We recommend you to get rid of the traditional practice of caulking and use Sentura instead to seal your shower corners if you aim at complete shower restoration. Sentura is also used to repair cracks and chips in tile seamlessly.

Imperia Maintenance – a Tile and Grout Maintenance Cleaner:

Our Imperia Maintenance Cleaner is used for performing your weekly maintenance tasks. This acts as a fresh cleaner, which removes all the dirt and grime accumulated on the surface. Our tile and grout cleaner makes your weekly cleaning tasks easier and effortless.


After you have cleaned and sealed your shower tile and grout thoroughly, you can still face soap scum build up and superficial staining, which can be removed efficiently by the Imperia Maintenance Cleaner.

Imperia Deep Clean – a Deep Floor Tile Grout Cleaner:

We also have a powerful floor tile grout cleaner – Imperia Deep Clean. Acidic cleaners often lead to etching on the surface and also cause discoloration and damage on the tile. Our cleaner is not only powerful but also alkaline in nature. It penetrates deep into the surface and disinfects it from within. It strips away all the mold, stains, mildew and etching at the root level. Imperia Deep Clean provides hundred percent hygiene and also renders a slight sheen on your flooring.


Of all our shower restoration products, we recommend you to use Imperia Deep Clean in top priority as it cleans all the surfaces, which have been rendered dirty with soap scum buildup, etching, dirt, grime and mold. This powerful cleaner will do a commendable job and leave a thoroughly sanitized surface below.

Valore Maintenance – a Glass Cleaner/Sealer Combo:

Valore Maintenance is our incredible shower glass cleaner and sealer which is used for maintaining your glass doors. This wonderful product is a combination of sealer and glass cleaner and has been made with Repela- Technology. It is a cleaner that has the capacity to clean and seal at the same time. It has certain invisible bonding chemicals that attach to all the fixtures, glass and other surfaces and prevent staining or dot formation.


Valore maintenance also repels water at a hydrophilic level that makes the water sheet off from the surface. It helps in preventing soap scum, corrosion and water dots from developing on the surface. It helps in preserving the beauty of the glass with little effort.

Benaz – a Professional Shower Glass Door Cleaner:

Our powerful glass cleaner – Benaz removes all the soap scum, hard water stains and etching from the glass surface. Often people use low-quality glass cleaning products to remove the stains but end up with etching. Acidic cleaners also cause etching on the surface. This cleaner is useful for shower glass doors and it also delivers an ideal cleanliness to the surfaces without causing any damage.


We recommend you to use Benaz to remove hard water stains and soap scum from your glass surfaces as this cleaner will not only clean the stains but also reveal a sparkling surface behind.

Frameless Glass Shower Door Sweep:

Our frameless shower glass sweeps are crafted from the clearest polycarbonate material. They have a seamless and unique look that prevents leaks. The sweeps have a strong grip and can easily push on the bottom of the shower glass door. We have them in various sizes and you can select one according to the size of your glass.

Our sweeps are highly functional and also have very impressive in design. You will no more have to wipe up water outside the shower door after each use and can enjoy a dry flooring at all times.

Frameless Glass Shower Door Seal:

Our frameless glass shower door seals are designed from vinyl, polycarbonate or rubber. pFOkUS manufactures 12 varieties of seals such as push on, pre-taped and certain others with need a double-sided tape.

All the 12 seals are different from each other in regards to their material, design, width, length and the way they can be installed. Some of our seals have a bulb-shaped top while some others have a T-shaped top. Some seals are molded in a way that they can easily snap-on the rail.

Framed Glass Shower Door Seal:

Framed shower glass doors have a metal frame around the perimeter of the door and a drip rail at the bottom. But the drip rail tends to get spoilt due to repeated water splashes. pFOkUS has an entire range of framed glass shower door seals which are very durable and sleek in appearance.

Our glass shower door seals are designed from polycarbonate, vinyl or rubber. Engineered with an extremely flexible material, these seals are also very light in weight and remarkably thinner.

We have all moved beyond those times when Independence was a luxury. Every year on the 4th of July, we celebrate the spirit of freedom with much pomp and show. So as you set out to enjoy our Independence Day with friends and family, also give some thought to your showers. Set yourself free from tiring cleaning and restoring jobs and grab our range of shower restoration products, which will set you free in the true sense.

Get a clean shower now and always! For more information call us @ 800-977-8313.


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