How to Repair Cracks in Marble Floor Tile?

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Marble tile is a costly investment! The last thing you would want is to find cracks and chips on your beautiful stone tile. Everyone desires a luxurious looking flooring that is seamless and uniform. But sometimes, marble may crack due to heavy impact. Some people resort to camouflaging the cracked tile because they feel that getting it repaired is a big hassle. A cracked tile not only destroys the aesthetic beauty of your flooring, but also has many other issues. In this section, we shall discuss how to repair cracks in marble tile.

How to Repair Cracks - Sentura - pFOkUS

Benefits of Repairing Cracks:

No Need for to Hunt for a Similar Marble Tile:

If your marble is damaged, you may not be able to find the exact matching tile to perform tile replacement. If you already have an extra marble tile and you replace the cracked tile with the new one, it can again crack while damaging the surface. With cracked tile repair using a high quality adhesive, you can get a uniform looking seamless surface for a long time.

Uniform Surface with No Sharp Edges:

A cracked tile might have sharp or rough edges which can hurt anyone walking barefoot. Once you repair it seamlessly with powerful adhesives, you can get a uniform looking smooth surface.

Restore the Aesthetics at Less Cost:

Cracked tile looks dirty, stained and spoils the aesthetic beauty of your homes and interiors. If you wish to repair your marble cracked tile, often contractors may suggest changing the entire flooring. But with powerful cracked tile adhesives, you can restore the original beauty of your flooring without much cost.

Maintain Hygiene and Cleanliness:

Cracked tile can easily store dirty water in the gaps and crevices. This stagnant water is often left ignored as it is hard to reach and clean. Furthermore, this dampness gives birth to mold and stains. If not repaired quickly, the germs and mold will quickly spread on the entire surface, leading to health hazards. By repairing these cracks, you cover the crevices and gaps, thereby putting an end to water stagnation and subsequent mold breeding.

  • How to Repair Cracks?

If you are still wondering how to repair cracked tile and grout, then pFOkUS comes to your rescue! We recommend you to use Sentura for cracked tile and grout repair. Here is a brief on Sentura and instructions for its use.

What is Sentura?

You can seal and disguise the cracked tile with Sentura – A two part pigmented solvent based flexible epoxy/resin designed with a 1200psi adhesion. Some people use low quality adhesives for cracked tile repair, but these too do not render that seamless finish like Sentura does with its sleek appearance. Sentura delivers permanent results as it never pops off the surface. You can also pigmente this product in more than 40 colors which can easily suit your project’s requirements.

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 Directions for Using Sentura:

Please follow the instructions given below to perform a marble tile repair job without replacing the tile using Sentura:


  • Sentura Part A
  • Sentura Part B
  • Empty Container
  • Spatula for mixing


  • Remove all part A products and remove all part B products in the empty container.
  • Mix thoroughly in the empty container.
  • Put mixed material into the applicator bag.
  • Apply Sentura in the cracks and voids.
  • Use water to smooth Sentura.
  • You can also use Sentura to fix a loose tile.


Sentura has Other Uses Too:

Not only Does Sentura eliminate the need to tile replacement or regrouting, it also removes the caulking or recaulking process forever. You can replace your damaged caulk with Sentura, covering all the corners with its sleek and durable lines.

Seal Marble Tile and Grout after Repair:

Once you have repaired the cracks and missing spaces in your marble tile and grout with Sentura, we recommend sealing both the surfaces separately.

The best way to seal grout is to coat it with a layer of waterproof epoxy/resin. We recommend you to seal grout with Caponi – a two part pigmented titanium epoxy/resin, making a waterproofed surface to prevent the grout from staining. It is available in 40 hues so that you can choose your desired shade.

Once you have repaired your marble tile with our cracked tile sealer, we recommend you to perform marble tile sealing with Celine – a clear topical solvent based resin sealer. It delivers a brilliant finish and luster to your marble tile, while also creating a waterproof layer on the surface, thereby preventing further water absorption and staining.

Marble floor Sealing - Celine - pFOkUS

Do’s and Don’ts of Repairing Cracked Marble Tile:


  • It is always better to get a cracked tile repair job rather than replacing the entire damaged marble tile.
  • Always use powerful adhesives like Sentura that never pop off the surface and give permanent results with a natural look.


  • Do not use low-quality adhesives for repairing as will pop off soon while making the surface look worse.
  • Never replace the tile in case it gets damaged as replacing tile instead of repairing will just be a band-aid solution.

If you follow the above steps for repairing your chipped marble tile, you will get a beautiful and uniform looking flooring without investing too much money. pFOkUS products are so reliable that even D’Sapone – a leading restoration service provider in the U.S. also uses our products for their services.


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