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How to Remove Rust Stains from Travertine and Marble Floors

SEO pFOkUS, March 13, 2020

Are you irritated with those red colored rust stains on your travertine and marble floors? Regardless of how often you scrub them, they reappear. Moreover, with continuous scrubbing in order to remove rust stains, you can find etching marks on your natural stone surface. If you want to remove these stains from your floors, then here is what you should do.

Why does Rust Form?

Before you understand how to remove rust stains, you should understand in-depth the science behind their formation. You might have noticed rust being formed mostly on stone, steel or iron surfaces. Rust basically develops on any surface that has iron deposits. Natural stone like travertine and marble have iron deposits in their molecular structure and chemical composition. Rust also forms on ceramic flooring that is non-natural. Rust is an initial warning that oxidation has begun to occur between air and the iron deposits in the surface. If you ignore this at its initial stage, the entire surface can get covered with rust. This corrosion even occurs deep within the pores of the natural stone, ultimately deteriorating it completely. Over time, it might completely disintegrate and start breaking.

rust stains remover - imperia deep clean - pfokus

This image above, as you can see, has rust stains near the vase. It is giving a very dirty and unkept look to the flooring. Many of you resort to home remedies like vinegar, lemon and baking soda to remove rust stains. But these acidic substances lead to etching on the flooring. You might be able to remove the stains, but leave a nasty rough mark on the flooring, damaging it completely. You should refrain from using acidic substances on your travertine, marble and ceramic flooring as these may lead to permanent etch marks. Moreover, avoid using abrasive scrubbers to clean the surface as these cause scratch marks on the flooring, damaging its sheen forever.

How to Remove Rust Stains?

Cleaning Stains:

You should remove rust stains with heavy-duty alkaline cleaners that are effective on the stains and do not cause any harm to the surface. pFOkUS product – Imperia Deep Clean is one such strong cleaner that completely eliminates rust stains from the surface and reveals a sparkling surface below. It can be used on natural stone like travertine and marble and also on non-natural tile like ceramic and porcelain. Grout stains formed due to rust or other dirt can also be effectively cleaned by this heavy-duty cleaner. It is a deep penetrating cleaner that soaks inside the surface of porous tile and removes the rust formation at the root level. On surfaces of tile like ceramic, it quickly breaks the rust molecules and loosens the bonds, thereby removing the stains completely.

Cleaning Rust Stains - Imperia Deep Clean

Now look at the image above. The flooring has been rendered spic and span using Imperia Deep Clean. You can find the rustic beauty of the stone intact and the rust stains gone.

Sealing the Surface:

After removing the stains from your marble and travertine surfaces with Imperia Deep Clean, you need to ensure that rust stains do not form again. For that, you can seal the grout with a titanium solvent sealer like Caponi, and natural stone with a clear topical solvent based resin stone sealer like Celine. Both the products are from pFOkUS – a leading tile, grout and stone restoration products manufacturing company. Our products are manufactured after years of research in the laboratory. Caponi is a powerful epoxy resin sealer that forms a protective barrier on grout, thereby preventing further damages. Similarly, Celine also forms a protective layer on natural stone and prevents any oxidation between its iron deposits and the air. Hence, stone retains its natural beauty.

Maintaining the Surface:

Once you have sealed your marble or travertine floor, you will not find rust stains, mold and mildew again. But, you should not use cheap products for regular maintenance of your floorings as they will damage the stone. You can keep the beauty of your marble and travertine with Imperia Maintenance Cleaner, which is our regular cleaner apt for performing your weekly maintenance tasks. This acts as a fresh cleaner, which removes all the dirt and grime accumulated on the surface. It will make your weekly cleaning tasks easier with less effort.

All these products deliver remarkable results in removing rust stains permanently. But, if you find the procedures overwhelming or if you do not have the time to tackle the rust stains yourself, then you can contact D’Sapone – a leading stone, tile and grout restoration service provider. Their experts have technical know-how and access to our products. They can easily remove rust stains from your surfaces and maintain their beauty for long.


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