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When cleaning floors, countertops, walls or showers, grout is often ignored. The stained grout lines ruin the look of your surfaces even if your tile is clean. In this article, we shall throw light on how to clean dirty tile grout efficiently. We will also discuss its importance.

How to clean grout - imperia deep clean - pFOkUS

How to Clean Grout Effectively?

Clean grout is as important as a clean tile surface. Your tile cannot remain clean for long if your grout is dirty. As grout is porous, the stains or mold breeding in the pores quickly spread on the entire surface. When cleaning tile, you need to clean your grout too.

pFOkUS believes that home maintenance should be an easy task and constantly strives to bring about better and efficient home improvement products. Our pFOkUS grout cleaner is one the best products to clean your surface in a natural and effective way.

Imperia Deep Clean is an incredible natural grout cleaner, which penetrates deep within the surface and eliminates all the dirt and grime at the root level. Unlike other acidic cleaners which damage the grout lines, Imperia Deep Clean is alkaline and hence gentle on the surface. It does not damage the integrity of the surface. This tile cleaner does not leave any residue or any chemical odor. It is extremely cost-efficient as it comes in a concentrated bottle and can be diluted upto 1 gallon.

how to clean tile and grout - pFOkUS - Imperia deep clean

Steps for Cleaning Grout with pFOkUS Cleaner:

If you want to engage in a DIY grout cleaning procedure, then here is a detailed guide on how to clean grout effectively:

1) Prepare the Solutions:

The first step involves preparing the solutions. For that, you need to first dilute the solution. Pour the entire bottle of Imperia Deep Clean into 1 gallon of sprayer bottle. Next, fill the sprayer bottle with hot water. If you need this solution for deep cleaning in showers full of mold and stains, you can only fill the half of the sprayer bottle with hot water to get a more concentrated spraying solution. Also, fill a second sprayer bottle with hot water. This will be used to neutralize the surface and wash Imperia off the walls. Adding 80 oz of alcohol to the neutralizer will help dry out the surface faster.

2) Spraying Tile and Grout:

Once the solutions are ready, you spray our tile grout cleaner on the walls and floor, and let is stand on the surface for 5 to 10 minutes until it seeps into the pores and starts loosening the bonds of rigid stains and mold. It is always better to spray from top to bottom.

3) Scrubbing Grout Lines Using a Grout Brush:

To help you with stain and mold removal from the grout surface, we also manufacture a high-quality grout brush. pFOkUS grout brush has superior quality bristles with swivel in any direction you require. Our brush will help you remove hidden germs and stains from the corners of the grout lines without ruining the sheen and integrity.

pFOkUS grout brush

4) Scrubbing Technique:

Before scrubbing, you need to re-apply Imperia. Use horizontal and vertical strokes using the grout brush so that you do not miss out on any stains and ensure complete cleaning of the stains and mold. Also scrub back and forth, so that you do not leave any grout lines.

5) Reapply Imperia on the Walls:

It is a good idea to clean the walls along with the grout lines. Spray Imperia again on the tiles and using a scotch brite pad, gently scrub on the tiles.

6) Neutralize the Walls:

Next, spray the neutralizer solution from top to bottom.

7) Retracting:

After you have sprayed the neutralizer solution, it is time to retract. You can retract all the remnants to reveal a sparkling surface below. You can use a mop to retract the liquid remains.

8) Wipe Dry:

After retracting, you need to ensure that your grout and tile is completely dry before you proceed with further repair work.

clean grout - pFOkUS

This is a detailed procedure on how to clean grout in the right way. Mentioned-above are easy steps on the best way to clean grout. Follow the instructions above and do not ignore cleaning your grout lines the next time you clean your tile. Imperia Deep Clean is more removing the stains and mold at the root level. You can use Imperia Maintenance from pFOkUS to clean and maintain your grout on a weekly basis. It is our weekly maintenance cleaner that removes superficial stains.


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