How to Change the Color of Your Grout

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Home decor today has advanced engineering and modern technology. This includes installing better tile, grout, glass and such other basics of building a residential or commercial complex. Today, it is even possible to color your grout in a shade matching to your decor, something that was impossible a decade ago. This minute detailing brings a major change in the look of your floorings, countertops and showers. In this article, we shall discuss how to change the color of your grout.

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But first, let us know more about grout, its structure, importance and other fundamentals.

What is Grout and Why is it Important?

Grout forms an important part of your flooring. It is a dense liquid filled between two tiles to join them. It also makes your surface look uniform and even. Grout is made from sand and cement and is basically a gap filler that acts like an adhesive to join tiles. But the only problem with it is that it is porous. The delicate and porous structure of grout absorbs all types of liquids into its pores.

When moisture remains in the pores, it gives birth to mold and mildew. This moisture forms a dirty stain when dirt mixes with it. Eventually, the grout lines begin to look dark, stained and dirty. Another problem with mold is that it spreads on the tile surface quickly, thereby ruining your entire flooring with its greenish black residue. Discolored, old and stained grout is a common issue that home and commercial complex owners face.

An epoxy resin grout sealer, when used on the grout lines can help to prevent these issues with grout.

Advantages of Color Sealing your Grout:

When you seal your grout with a water-resistant sealer, a waterproof layer is formed on the surface, thereby preventing grout from absorbing water or moisture. This in turn prevents deterioration of grout. There are many kinds of grout sealers available on the market, the most common ones are water-based and epoxy grout sealers.

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With the possibility of changing the color of your grout, you can bring in more colors in your home decor, thereby enhancing your interior look. If you have more brown and beige in your bedrooms, a flooring with brown and beige tile and grout will look striking. Similarly, if you have a kitchen in all white, you can install a gray flooring with white grout to give a striking contrast.

New age grout sealers today not only make your grout water-proof, but also help you change the color. pFOkUS’ Caponi is an excellent epoxy colored grout sealer. Here we have explained in detail about this wonderful product.

Caponi – an Epoxy Titanium Colored Grout Sealer:

Caponi is a 2-part solvent titanium resin-epoxy sealer, which seals grout in just one coat. The titanium present in this sealer makes it durable and prevents it from popping the surface. This leads to permanent results. This product is available in more than 40 color choices. All these shades are in earthy hues and can easily match with the tile color.


Caponi is the best shower-approved grout sealer. The constant water splashes, soap scum or spills from acidic solutions do not damage it. Furthermore, you can pigment Caponi with Sentura – a flexible solvent-based resin sealer based on 1200psi adhesion.

How to Change the Color of your Grout?

As Caponi is available in more than 40 color options, you can easily choose a shade similar to your surrounding tile. You can even opt for a contrasting grout color to enhance the look of your flooring. Many people opt for white colored grout for a gray colored tile to create a striking look. You can also choose to have a similar gray colored grout to make your flooring look uniform.

Caponi - How to Change the Color of your Grout

Once you select the color of Caponi to color your grout with, you need to pigment it with Sentura. Once the concoction is ready, you can apply it over your grout lines using a grout brush. We have explained the application directions in detail below.

Here is How you can Seal your Grout with Caponi and also change its color:

  • Firstly, you need to ensure that your grout is absolutely clean and sanitized. You can use a deep-penetrative grout cleaner first to clean it thoroughly.
  • Next, you need to check for missing or cracked grout. If you find any gaps in the grout lines, then first fill these with Sentura adhesive.
  • If you want to change the color of your grout, you need to choose Caponi in the desired shade and then pigment it with Sentura for filling in the gaps and also painting the grout lines with this Caponi-Sentura mix uniformly. This procedure will not only fill in the gaps, but also color your grout.
  • Before you begin applying Sentura or Caponi, ensure that the grout lines are completely dry.
  • Open the Caponi kit and remove the two bottles of Caponi Part A and Part B.
  • Shake both the containers well and open them.
  • Now pour all the contents in an empty container. You can mix them well with a mixing stick.
  • Using a paint brush, begin application of the mixed liquid over the grout lines.
  • If you are pigmenting it with Sentura, then at this stage, you need to first mix the Caponi with Sentura and then begin application.
  • Cover all the grout lines neatly using a paint brush.
  • Excess build-up is natural and so you can clean it with Alco – pFOkUS’ paint thinner. As caponi is waterproof, the excess Caponi beyond the grout lines cannot be cleaned with water. To clean this excess build-up, you need a paint thinner like Alco to give you a neat and uniform look. Alco is an alcohol-based solvent that easily removes extra traces of Caponi or Sentura.

So, follow the instructions above and change the color of your grout in a desired hue. Buy Caponi, Sentura, paint brush and Alco from pFOkUS today!


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