How Celine – Natural Stone Sealer helps Prevent Stone Damage

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Most of you indulge in cleaning your natural stone and grout on a regular basis. In case of a chip, some of you also repair it using adhesives, but what most of you ignore is the sealing process. Sealing natural stone is one of the most important steps to ensure that your tile flooring, countertops or showers look great and last for a long time. Any natural floor file needs to be periodically sealed and for this you need to have a proper sealer. Here we will explain how Celine – pFOkUS’ stone grout sealer is the best for sealing natural stone.

Natural Stone Sealer - pFOkUS - Celine

Before we understand how Celine works, let us know more about the structure of natural stone, to understand the sealing process better.

Why do you Need to Seal your Natural Stone?

If you want to add longevity and enhance the sheen of your natural stone, you need to clean and maintain it regularly. A good sealant is also required to preserve its natural brilliance. If you do not seal your natural stone, it can easily lose its lustre and deteriorate after some time.

  • Natural stone is porous. It tends to absorb water and moisture, thereby leading to mold and mildew growth
  • These stones chip off due to heavy impact.
  • Some natural stones also shed dust. This not only makes your surfaces dirty and dusty, but the stone also deteriorates and loses its lustre in a few years.
  • Natural stone used in kitchen countertops is more susceptible to oil leaks and hence develops more intense and deep-rooted stains and grime.

To prevent these occurrences, it is easy to seal natural stone using a good quality stone grout sealer.

What is Celine and How does it Work?

Celine is a clear resin flexible topical solvent that adds a hydrophilic layer on natural stone tile and grout. This natural stone sealer makes the surface waterproof and hence more durable and long lasting. It soaks into the tile/grout surface and not shuts the pores from within, thereby preventing further moisture absorption. It also ensures that the tile/grout is easier to clean.

travertine countertop sealer

Features of Celine:

  • Celine renders a very sleek and natural appearance to your tile, unlike other low quality sealers which are very bulky.
  • It protects the surface by forming a water-resistant layer, thereby preventing grease and other stains to occur.
  • Celine is specially designed to seal honed marble, honed travertine and slate.
  • It is also used to seal grout.

When should you Seal your Natural Stone with Celine?

If you want to retain the sheen and brilliance of your natural stone tile, then it is best to seal it at the time of installation. If you have not sealed it at the time of installation, you can seal it anytime later by first cleaning the tile thoroughly using a floor tile grout cleaner. Your surface should always have the appearance of drops of water as if it’s beaded. If you find the water penetrating the surface, then you need to seal it. Even if you have previously sealed the surface, but now find water to permeate, then it is an indication that your sealant has worn off. If you fail to reseal your tile, it could lead to permanent staining on the surface.

Sealing Stone with Impactful Sealers - Celine - pFOkUS

How to Seal your Natural Stone with Celine?

  • After you have thoroughly cleaned the surface using tile, shower and countertop cleaner, you need to wipe it with a soft rag. Next, you need to let the surface dry completely.
  • Now take the Celine bottle and apply an even coat on the entire tile surface. An applicator tool will help you spread Celine evenly. After the first coat dries, you will find a semi-glossy finish on the tile.
  • Keep the surface moisture-free for 2 days as Celine takes time to dry completely.
  • You will notice that the water will remain like droplets on the surface unlike before application of this tile and grout sealer – Celine, when the water used to get absorbed quickly.
  • After 48 hours, you need to apply the second coat or our travertine, slate and marble sealer. The second coat will give you a very glossy finish and lustre.


So do not delay the process of sealing your natural stone. For sealing granite, porcelain or ceramic tile, pFOkUS offers a unique tile, glass and granite sealer – Valore Sealer. We also have maintenance products like Imperia Maintenance and Valore Maintenance that are combinations of sealers and cleaners for weekly cleaning. You can buy our products if you have time to do-it-yourself or you can hire D’Sapone – one of the leading stone, tile, grout, glass and brick restoration service providers to perform natural stone restoration services with a 5 year labor warranty.


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