How can Epoxy Grout Sealer Help you Prevent your Cracked Grout Issues?

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Dealing with grout can be really irritating. The fine lines that join your tile are called grout. Made from cement and sand, it is very porous and absorbs any moisture or water spilled on its surface. One day you might find your floorings neat and beautiful and after a few days, you might discover stained and moldy grout, ruining the look of your surfaces! Moreover, after some time, this grout also cracks and goes missing. So does that mean you need to scrub off this mold every week to maintain your surfaces? Well, no. With so many advanced technologies coming up every day, there are new inventions in the cleaning industry too. A different type of grout sealing material called Caponi has been invented that gives ever-lasting results. Let’s find out more about this epoxy grout color sealer.

Caponi - Epoxy Grout Color Seal

Understand the Problems with Grout:

  • Grout is porous just like natural stone and tends to absorb water and moisture into its pores, thereby providing excellent circumstances for mold and mildew breeding.
  • The porosity also makes it stain quickly, giving a dark or dirty look to the grout lines. Grout lines make your flooring look beautiful only when uniformly colored and clean.
  • It also cracks after some time and goes missing from some places. The places where grout has gone missing again collects water, thereby leading to germ building.

Conventional Solutions Offered:

Whenever grout gets deteriorated or discolored, people get regrouting done. This is nothing but adding another layer of the same grout on the lines. This grout too will deteriorate within a few months causing you to get them rectified again. This procedure gets you into a continuous loop wasting both time and money.

Permanent Solution to Resolve Cracked Grout Issues:

pFOkUS brings you a wonderful epoxy grout color seal – Caponi, which is a two part titanium pigmented epoxy resin sealer. It covers the grout lines in just one coat. It never peels off from the surface and nor does it appear bulky like other sealers. Caponi is available in more than 40 colors, which can be matched to your tile color. It is also the only shower approved grout sealer.

How to repair cracked grout lines D'Sapone tile contractor

  • Repairing Cracked Grout:

Grout first needs to be restored from places it has cracked or gone missing. To repair grout, you can use Sentura – 2-part flexible epoxy resin adhesive. Built on 1200psi adhesion, this strong formulation never pops from the surface. Sentura can be pigmented with Caponi to match your grout color. After filling in the gaps with Sentura, you can find seamless grout lines free from cracks and gaps. Sentura is best used for shower grout cracking.

It gives a very natural look to the corners and does not appear bulky. It is also a very efficient shower caulk replacer as it has totally eliminated the need for caulking in showers. Caulk tends to peel or crack after a few months and this leads to the corners looking dirty, stained and moldy. Sentura delivers a permanent fix on the corners and these corners along with the grout lines, should later be sealed with Caponi.


  • Sealing Repaired Grout with Epoxy Grout Color Seal:

After Sentura has dried up, you can permanently seal the grout lines with our shower grout sealer. This prevents further cracking issues and helps to form a waterproof layer on the surface, thereby preventing it from getting moldy or stained again.


So if you have cracked grout issues, do not fall into the loop of regrouting. Get our colored grout seal instead to deliver a permanent result on your surfaces. Match it and shade it according to your tile color and get the best looking flooring now! pFOkUS products are manufactured after years of research in the laboratories. Not only grout sealing products, we also manufacture a huge range of tile, grout, stone and glass cleaners and sealers.


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