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Grout Cleaning Brush with V-Notched Technology – pFOkUS

pFOkUS Admin, July 9, 2021

There are several cleaning brushes and scrubs available on the market. All these cleaning tools have bristles made from different materials. Some are very coarse and some are extremely soft. When it comes to cleaning tile and grout, you need the perfect type of cleaning brush that feels comfortable in the palm of the hand, is easy to grip, has the perfect bristles that does not damage the tile or grout and also one that can easily remove the hidden stains and mold from the corners. To solve this issue, pFOkUS came up with the perfect tile and grout cleaning brush with V-Notched technology. Let us learn more about this incredible brush.

Grout Cleaning Brush with V-Notched Technology - pFOkUS

What is so Special about pFOkUS’ Tile and Grout Cleaning Brush?

  • Our grout brush has perfectly placed V-notched bristles, which help you in cleaning your surfaces efficiently.
  • The tile grout cleaner brush comes with a stainless steel screw that strengthens the pivot point so that more pressure can be applied while scrubbing and cleaning the grout.
  • This grout brush swivels in any direction you require easily with its perfectly placed V-notched bristles.
  • It is so durable and high-quality that it can easily hold up to concrete.
  • The brush is 10 inches long with 1.5 inches bristles.
  • It is useful in removing all the hidden mold and also the stains at the corners of the narrow grout lines and tile.
  • All standard poles can easily thread into the grout brush, right from broom poles to paint roller poles.
  • It gives you a satisfactory cleaning experience with the best results.
  • Furthermore, this brush feels very comfortable holding in the hand. You can easily grip on it and use force to scrub your surfaces.
  • The bristles are not abrasive and hence, will not make scratches on delicate stone tile or grout.
  • It is helpful in removing even the most stubborn stains or mold hidden at the extreme corners.

Our tile and grout cleaning brush is best used with Imperia Deep Clean – a deep-penetrative cleaner that seeps into the pores of tile and grout and gets rid of dense stains, stubborn mold and mildew from the root. Moreover, after the application of Imperia Deep Clean on the tile and grout surface, scrubbing with our V-notched brush will give a thoroughly sanitized and clean surface.



Q. Are the bristles in the grout brush chemical resistant?

Yes, the tile grout cleaning brush is resistant to acids and alkaline cleaners.

Q. Can I use the handle of my broomstick with this brush?

Yes, the threads on the grout brush are made to fit into any standard poles.

Q. Is the screw used at the pivot made from steel?

No, the screw is made from stainless steel and hence, will not rust.

Q. Is it possible to use the tile grout cleaning brush to clean marble stone tiles installed in my shower?

Yes, the tile grout cleaning brush can be used to clean tiles in bathrooms, kitchens and also in the showers. Also, it can be used on ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tile like travertine, slate, marble, etc.

Q. With the bristles of this brush hurt my stone tile?

No, the bristles of this brush are designed to be used on marble, granite, slate, travertine and any other natural stone. Also, it gives the best results with Imperia Deep Clean.

These are the commonly asked questions for our tile grout cleaning brush. So, grab this brush today and clean your tile and grout efficiently.


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