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Best Granite Cleaner and Sealer Ever Made – pFOkUS

pFOkUS Admin, August 4, 2021

Investing in a good quality granite is no big deal as many of you get your countertops, showers, and floors done with pretty granite stone tile. But, the real problem comes with maintenance. In most homes, granite loses its shine, luster, and brilliance after a few years. In this blog, we shall decode the trick to have your granite surfaces shining like new for years together. The real catch here is not to get superior quality granite stone tile, but to grab a super-quality granite floor cleaner and sealer.

grantite countertop floor cleaner and sealers - pFOkUs

Let us see why a good quality floor cleaner and sealer are more important.

What is More Important, Investing in High-Quality Granite Stone Tile or High-Quality Granite Floor Cleaner?

Whether you invest in a low-cost granite stone tile or a highly-priced granite stone tile, if the surface gets discolored, scratched, stained or deteriorated after a few years, the value deteriorates too.

Although granite stone is not that porous as other natural stone tiles, it does come with its own share of problems. It is permeable to a certain degree and hence, dust, dirt, moisture are bound to penetrate in its pores, leading to mold occurrence and stains at the root level.

Only a powerful granite floor cleaner with a robust cleaning action can eliminate these issues and maintain the beauty of your stone tile.

Are High-Quality Granite Floor Cleaners and Sealers only a Hype?

Today, as marketing gimmicks and strategies have ruined the essence of marketing, high-quality and genuine products also suffer their significance. If a product is really highly priced, people think that it may just be a marketing gimmick.

granite countertop cleaner and sealer - pfokus

But, when it comes to stone tile restoration products, we have done our research. If a good-quality granite floor cleaner and sealer are costlier than the other commercially available products available on the market, then you must know that their high cost comes for a reason.

The cleaners and sealers have been specially formulated keeping the characteristics of natural stone in mind. Such products have science-backed formulations and multiple trials and errors before they are launched into the market.

Which is the Best Granite Floor Cleaner and Sealer?

pFOkUS – a leading stone, tile, grout, glass, tub and brick restoration products manufacturing company in the US, have specially formulated their natural stone cleaners and sealers after thorough research. Their products are so promising that even D’Sapone – a leading hard surface restoration service provider has signed an exclusive deal with pFOkUS to only use their products.

pFOkUS’ granite tile sealer and cleaner are way better than the rest of the commercially available products. Granite Tile Cleaner – Imperia Deep Clean, Granite Tile Grout Sealer Caponi, Granite tile sealer –Valore Sealer and Granite floor maintenance –Valore Maintenance are some of the products that we guarantee will give you the best results for your granite surfaces.

Imperia Deep Clean:

It can be used on all-natural stone tile and non-natural tile as well. This cleaner has a powerful and robust deep-penetrating cleaning action. It enters the pores of the stone tile and knocks off all traces of deeply etched stains and mold at the root level.


It is an excellent colored epoxy grout sealer that is made only to seal the grout once the surface has been cleaned. It is available in more than 40 color variations to match your grout color.

Valore Sealer:

It is an incredible granite and glass surfaces sealer.  It forms a protective transparent coating on the surfaces, thereby preventing it from moisture and subsequent staining and mold formation.

Valore Maintenance:

It is a granite maintenance cleaner and sealer that should be used once the surfaces have been deep cleaned with Imperia and sealed with Valore. It is a daily light maintenance cleaner.

pFOkUS also manufactures a wide range of other restoration products. One of the most important ones that is also useful for granite surfaces is Sentura. It can be used in place of granite tile caulk. It is the best substitute for caulk as it gives long-lasting results, unlike caulk, which peels off or cracks in a few months.

granite floor crack and caulk sealer - Sentura

Sentura is our epoxy/resin adhesive that can be used for granite floor crack. It can easily heal the cracks and chips in any tile surface.


How to Clean Granite Surfaces with Granite Floor Cleaner?

Imperia Deep Clean is a deep cleaner that should be used for deep cleaning granite floors, countertops and showers. Showers suffer from soap scum, hard water stains, dirt, filth, stains and mold. Imperia Deep Clean instantly removes this dirt and renders a sanitized granite shower.

Similarly, granite floors and countertops suffer from dirt, dust, stains, oil leaks and food and beverage stains. Granite countertop cleaning is best done with Imperia Deep Clean for deep cleaning results.


The usage instructions of Imperia Deep Clean can be found on our website.

How to Seal Granite Surfaces with Granite Floor Sealer?

Only cleaning will not guarantee that the stains will not form again. Our granite sealer – Valore is the best sealant available that forms a sleek and natural-looking protective coating on your granite surfaces once cleaned. It forms a hydrophilic barrier on the tile. This prevents moisture from penetrating the pores of the stone tile and leading to staining or mold occurrence again.


Before granite sealing, you should always seal the grout in between. It is also quite permeable and invites mold breeding under the tile sealant, giving a hazy appearance. It is recommended to seal the grout with Caponi before sealing the tile with Valore Sealer. You should also seal the cracks on the granite stone tile, if any, with Sentura, before you proceed to tile and grout sealing.

The usage instructions of Caponi, Sentura and Valore Sealer can be found on our website.

So, the best granite cleaner and sealer, hands down, are Imperia Deep Clean and Valore Sealer from pFOkUS. Do not get duped by cheap and low-quality products.  Buy best if you want to maintain or restore the beauty of your stone tile.


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