Glass Setting Blocks for Shower Doors – Specifications and Uses

SEO pFOkUS, April 19, 2021

furhterGlass setting blocks match glass shower doors and make your bathroom interiors look elegant. Another advantage of using glass setting blocks is that they have no color constraint. As they are transparent, they can easily match any decor color theme. There are many other advantages of using glass setting blocks for shower doors. pFOkUS manufactures a phenomenal range of glass setting blocks that are the building blocks for a successful installation. Let us read all about these glass blocks.

Glass sitting blacks - pFOkUS

What is the Purpose of Glass Setting Blocks?

A setting block is used to position and seat glass materials. Commonly they are used to minimize uneven surfaces and prevent vibrations. They can also be installed to set glass with an aluminum channel. These can be designed in various shapes as well. pFOkUS glass setting blocks have the same shape with different thicknesses. These are used to track into a channel. So, get the right size and thickness for your door and make it more strong and vibration-free.



  • Glass doors or any other glass surfaces should always be installed on soft setting blocks only and never on tile, metal, mortar or cultured marble.
  • When you want to install a shower glass enclosure, most of them do not come with setting blocks to place under the glass.
  • pFOkUS’ glass setting blocks are designed to solve this problem.
  • We provide kits with different sizes of glass setting blocks to meet all your needs.
  • You can stick them, stack them or even lay them down while fixing your glass enclosures.


  • pFOkUS’ glass setting blocks are crystal clear with different sizes.
  • No gaps under a glass door are of the same size. Moreover, no shower curbs are also at the uniform level. While installing a U-channel, one needs to level the glass as well. Different sizes should be used in the U-channel to level the glass.
  • It is also necessary to use a clear shim under the glass with no U-channel.
  • pFOkUS’ glass setting blocks look similar to glass.
  • They are made from clear urethane and hence, will not crack, get discolored or chipped.
  • We manufacture pre-taped setting blocks and regular setting blocks. The pre-taped ones can be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces also.
  • Each kit includes a standard glass setting block of length 2 inches and ¼ inches width. These are available in different thicknesses like 1/32 inches, ⅛ inches, ¼ inches and ⅜ inches.
  • Furthermore, pFOkUS setting blocks can be used as shims. Our blocks can help close large gaps under the glass door by placing the blocks into the sweep and using them as shims.

These are the specifications and uses of our glass setting blocks. Use these blocks if you feel you cannot cover the gaps under your shower door with enclosures alone.


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