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Frameless/Framed Shower Door Seals and Sweeps : How To Prevent Leakage?

SEO pFOkUS, February 20, 2020

Shower glass leaks can be very annoying. Not only do they make your bathrooms get wet and dirty but also ruin the aesthetics of your interiors. The sole purpose of installing a shower door is to segrate your wet areas from your dry ones in the bathroom, but with the leakage, this purpose is not fulfilled. You need to install good quality shower door seals and sweeps to stop the leakage at once. If you ignore it, this dripping water will ruin your walls and tile.


How can you Prevent this Leakage?

To stop any leakage and to take a necessary action, you need to first find out the reason and source of leakage. Here is how you can prevent the leakage step-by-step.

  • Finding out the reason for leakage:

You need to first find the place where water is leaking from. Only then can you take the necessary action. Water leaks more often in frameless glass doors than in the framed ones. Is the frameless shower door leaking from the sides or bottom? Do you find water dripping on the vertical side with hinges? Or do you see that your frameless shower glass door leaks where the door opens? Most shower glass doors leak at the door opening or at the side metal track which is bolted to the glass. This leak could be very marginal, but over a period of time, this leakage could also lead to water stains or mould development.

  • Analyse which Door Enclosure will you Need

If you think you can call a plumber to add a temporary seal to the leakage area, then the solution will be temporary and will have you racking your brains over it again soon. If the water is leaking from the bottom of the door, then you need to replace your shower door sweep.

These are attached at the bottom of the glass door and their main function is to retain the following water inside and stopping it from flowing outside. If the water is leaking from the sides, then you may have an issue with your shower door seal. Seals are generally installed on the vertical edge of the door that meets the stationary pane so as to prevent the water from leaking out through the crack. These allow the door to swing but are sealed to prevent leakage. If you find water collecting at the shower door which finds its way out, then probably you have a problem with the drip rail. These are attached at the bottom of the glass door to direct the flowing water towards the drain again.

  • Never Resort to Caulking

You may feel that caulking is an easy solution to fix the frameless shower leaks. But, although this may provide you a temporary solution, you will soon find it turning black, peeling, molding and causing leakage again. It is best to change the shower door seal, sweeps or drip rails as required.

Frameless/Framed Shower Door Seals and Sweeps - pFOkUS

  • Only go for High-Quality Products if you want Permanent Solutions:

For a permanent solution, consider replacement of the part or consider investing in a new enclosure that can prevent the leakage. pFOkUS has high-quality enclosures made with superb engineering skills and good quality products. We have different varieties of framed and frameless door seals and sweeps.

How to Prevent Leakages?

  • Shower Door Leaks under the Door:

Our shower door sweeps are manufactured from high-quality polycarbonate material. Our sweeps feature a unique look and a seamless design that can easily prevent leaks. These sweeps can easily push on the bottom of the glass door as they have a strong grip. You can enjoy dry flooring after using our sweeps. These are available in 7 sizes and in different lengths like 32, 36 and 98”. If you find gaps between the shower door and seals, you can fix them using shims. These are perfect for shower door bottom leakage.

  • Shower Leaks along the wall:

Our vertical shower seals are crafted from rubber, vinyl or polycarbonate. Each shower door may have a different seal requirement. Made with an extremely flexible material, these seals are also very light in weight and remarkably thinner. The pre-taped seals are more preferred options of our shower glass enclosures. We have 7 varieties of framed door seals and each is in a different size.

Frameless door seals from pFOkUS are designed from vinyl, polycarbonate or rubber. pFOkUS manufactures 12 varieties of seals such as push on, pre-taped and certain others with need a double-sided tape.  All the 12 seals are different from each other in regards to their material, design, width, length and the way they can be installed. These are the best for door leaks at corners.

We always protect our shower glass enclosures even while shipping by packing them in crystal clear packaging for easy measurements. We send these products in 7 m plastic sleeves to prevent scratches and the powder coat finish during shipping.

So what are you waiting for? Grab our high-quality products now to enjoy a dry and healthy shower for long!


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