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Flagstone is a common choice for homes and commercial complexes’ patios. This stone looks great in any outdoor living space. It is a 100% natural stone and also one of the only all-natural materials used in patios. So, if you are planning to install it in your homes, then you must know certain rules for flagstone tile care and maintenance. Here is a complete guide from pFOkUS – one of the leading stone, tile, brick, grout and glass restoration products manufacturing companies.

How pFOkUS Products can Help you for Flagstone Tile Care and Maintenance

Features of Flagstone:

  • Flagstone is a sedimentary stone that is sliced into different layers and pieces. It is a natural stone and hence very porous. It therefore, needs to be sealed well.
  • Flagstone is available in various color combinations and shapes. The uniqueness in colors and designs makes it very appealing for patio projects.
  • These stones are heavier than traditional clay or concrete tile. It is tough to install it yourself and you might need some expert help.
  • Flagstone is an excellent choice for outdoors as it is extremely durable. It has a rough texture which makes it safer to walk on when wet.
  • This stone is very versatile and it can be cut into rectangular shapes or in irregular shapes depending upon your creativity and requirement.

Problems with Flagstone Tile and their Solutions

Problems with Flagstone Tile and their Solutions:

  • Flagstone is porous and tends to absorb all kinds of liquid spills on its surface. This passage of liquid inside its surface leads to mold formation and deep staining. Cleaning your natural stone with regular tile and grout cleaning products only eliminates dirt from the top, thereby being inefficient. You need a good quality flagstone tile cleaner to thoroughly eliminate dirt, stains and mold from the root.
  • Many people use gravel, sand or grout as fillers in-between two flagstone tiles. If you have used sanded or unsanded grout, you will need to seal it as well. Grout, just like natural stone, is porous and tends to sponge in dirty liquid, leading to stains and mold breeding. After cleaning the grout with a good-quality tile and grout cleaner, you need to use a flagstone grout sealer to seal the surface and make it water-proof.
  • Natural stone, in spite of being durable, is prone to chipping and cracking due to heavy impact or when the underlayment beneath the tile is weak. If your stone has cracks or chips, you do not need to replace the entire tile. You can perform flagstone tile repair using epoxy/resin adhesives to get a seamless repair job.
  • After cleaning the tile and grout, repairing cracks and chips and sealing grout, you should seal the flagstone tile to make it waterproof. Use a flagstone-approved tile sealer to impart a natural appearance to the tile, while also make it water-resistant and long-lasting.
  • Lastly, in spite of sealing the surface, superfluous stains and mold easily develop on the tile surface. You can get rid of these by using a regular maintenance cleaner that only removes the stains and dirt from the top, without stripping off the sealant coat.

These are the basic tips for flagstone tile care and maintenance. Now we will explain how pFOkUS products can help you take care of your flagstone tile very well.

How pFOkUS Products can Help you for Flagstone Tile Care and Maintenance:

Cleaning Flagstone with Imperia Deep Clean:

Flagstone easily gets dirty, yellowy, stained or moldy. This is because of the harsh weather outdoors. Furthermore, regular cleaners available on the market cannot remove this dirt easily. This is best done with our deep-penetrating cleaner – Imperia Deep Clean. This cleaner is highly recommended because it is alkaline and does not cause any etching, while removing all the deep-rooted stains, mold and mildew.


Repairing Cracked Tile and Grout with Sentura:

Chips in flagstone tile and grout may be present. You need to fix the cracks and chips first. You can repair chips and cracks in tile and grout using our Sentura – A two-part pigmented flexible epoxy/resin sealer based on 1200psi adhesion. This adhesive prevents you from replacing the entire tile in case of a chip or a crack and also looks natural with its sleek appearance.


Sealing Grout with Caponi:

Flagstone tile is available in many shades. Furthermore, if you want your grout to match your tile as well, you can use grout sealer Caponi. Use Caponi – A pigmented grout sealing system that is built on a rock-solid 2-part solvent titanium resin/epoxy foundation. You only need to apply a single coat of Caponi. You get 40 colors options and can use it to seal the grout lines in a color of your choice. Not only does Caponi deliver a beautiful look to the surface, but it also makes grout waterproof and chemical resistant.


Sealing Flagstone Tile with Celine:

Celine is a clear topical solvent-based resin sealer that can be used to seal your flagstone tile and make it water-resistant. Celine also adds a wonderful sheen to your tile and enhances its beauty.


Maintaining Flagstone Tile with Imperia Maintenance or Valore Maintenance:

We also manufacture two maintenance cleaners – Imperia Maintenance and Valore Maintenance for regular or weekly cleaning of the surface. These cleaners do not strip off the top coat and remove the superfluous stains from the surface. Valore Maintenance has 6.97% H2O2 at the molecular level, and hence, it is the stronger product of the two.


This is how you can perform complete flagstone tile care and maintenance using pFOkUS products.


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