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Are you tired of getting marks and streaks on your glass after cleaning with regular cleaners? Almost all cleaners available on the market contain chemicals that leave streaks on the surface. They fail to deliver an ideal clarity, which is the prime reason for using them in the first place. You then end up using newspapers or such other lint-free fabrics to get an ideal clarity. But, to solve your dilemma, here we present the best-ever Exquisite glass cleaner from pFOkUS – Benaz.

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Benaz is an impactful cleaner used for removing all the filth, soap scum, hard water stains and etching from your glass doors. It is easy to use and has been formulated keeping in mind the requirements for glass cleaning. Here are some amazing properties of this exquisite glass cleaner.


  • Hard Water Stains Destroyer:

This hard water stain remover removes all the hard water stains giving you a clear glass door, without damaging the surface. Hard water stains are a common problem in areas getting hard water. Benaz loosens the bonds of the calcium and mineral deposits and easily removes them, giving you a shining and sparkling glass surface. It also removes other stains, dirt and dust easily.

  • Does not Cause Etching:

Low quality products only remove the stains but do not deal with etching. Acidic cleaners also damage the glass surface. Benaz does not cause etching on the glass surface, as it is a non-acidic formula. It is gentle on the glass, yet tough on the stains.

  • Imparts Ideal Clarity:

Benaz imparts an ideal clarity and cleanliness to your shower glass door. This clear solution has no colored pigment or harsh chemicals that leave any streaks, marks on the surface. It is practically a clear solution that takes away all dirt, filth, stains and dust from the glass and makes it clear.

  • Best for Cultured Marble Cleaning:

Benaz is highly efficient for cleaning cultured marble too. Cultured marble is concocted from marble dust and resin and hence is not as porous as natural marble. Benaz is best for cleaning cultured marble because it does not cause etching on the surface.

Here, we have explained in brief how to remove the hard water dots from your glass door and preserve its sheen forever:

  • Cleaning with Benaz:

The first step is to clean your glass door with our glass protector – Benaz. Just take some Benaz on the given applicator tool. Apply it directly over the glass that is dirty, stained or etched. Now massage the surface gently in circular motion and then wipe off with a dry and clean cloth. A sparkling clean glass surface will be revealed beneath.


  • Sealing with Valore Glass Sealant:

Just cleaning the door with our exquisite glass cleaner will not prevent the water dots from forming again. We recommend using our powerful glass sealer – Valore, which shields the glass from hard water. Valore forms a hydrophilic surface on the glass thereby preventing further hard water dots formation.


  • Using Valore Maintenance for Maintaining Regularly:

Valore Maintenance is our glass maintenance product that can be used for light daily cleaning or weekly maintenance. Regular use prevents hard water stains or etching marks to occur on your glass surfaces. You can preserve the beauty of your glass with very little effort. Valore Maintenance is a combination of glass sealer and cleaner, that efficiently cleans and seals at the same time. This regular glass maintenance product repels water at a hydrophilic level making the water sheet off the glass surface. It is infused with 6.97% H2O2 that makes it a strong maintenance cleaner.


So if you follow our above mentioned steps to remove the hard water stains, mold, dirt, and other filth from your glass surfaces, you will always have a well-maintained area with its beauty intact. D’Sapone – one of the best glass, brick, tile, stone and grout restoration companies in the United States only relies on our products while performing restoration services. They also offer a 5 year labor warranty using our cleaner and sealer. What are you waiting for? Buy our perfect glass cleaner and sealer now and get that perfect clear resolution on your glass surfaces today!


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