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Grout forms an important part of your bathroom flooring. You often find this grout cracked or missing in some places, leading to rough edges and water stagnancy. Grout is also porous and tends to absorb water into its pores, leading to mold formation. To prevent these issues, you resort to regrouting, which is nothing but putting a layer of new grout on the existing one. This process does not give permanent results. The better option is to use a good quality epoxy grout sealer to seal your grout lines. With so many options available on the market, looking for the best one can be quite confusing. Here we shall discuss about the best epoxy grout sealer for your bathrooms.

Best epoxy grout sealer - Caponi - pFOkUS

Why do you Need a Good Quality Epoxy Grout Sealer?

Grout not only joins the tile but also enhances the overall look of the surface. It is a dense liquid that is concocted from cement and sand that is filled in the void between two tiles. But grout is highly porous. The porosity makes the grout absorb all kinds of liquids inside its surface. Mold and mildew love breeding in damp areas and therefore, they find favorable circumstances under the grout. Mold also quickly spreads on the tile surface, ruining the entire flooring with its blackish green hue. Stained, discolored and moldy grout is a common issue faced by most homeowners. To prevent these issues, you need to seal your grout with an epoxy grout sealer, which makes the surface waterproof.

Not all grout sealers available in the market give efficient results. Some wear off within months, leading to staining and mold formation again. pFOkUS manufactures an excellent colored grout sealer – Caponi. Let us find out more about this incredible product.

Caponi - a Colored Grout Sealer

Caponi – a Colored Grout Sealer:

Caponi is a 2-part pigmented resin, which seals the grout in just one coat. It has a titanium base and hence it never pops off from the surface, giving permanent results. Caponi is available in more than 40 colors, which can be matched to your tile color. Our epoxy grout sealer is the only shower approved grout sealer. It can be pigmented with Sentura – epoxy resin adhesive to fill in the gaps and cracks in the grout before sealing it.

DIY Steps For Using Caponi:

Here is How you can Seal your Tile Grout with Caponi:

  • Ensure that the grout is thoroughly cleaned with a grout cleaner.

Cleaning Grout:

To clean porous grout, we recommend you to use our Imperia Deep Clean. It is a deep-penetrating cleaner that enters the pores of the porous grout and eliminates all traces of hidden mold and germs at the root-level. It does not harm the surface of the grout.

Cleaning Grout - Imperia Deep Clean - pFOkUS

  • Before sealing the grout, you need to check for missing and cracked grout. You can fill in the gaps using Sentura adhesive. If you need your grout in a particular color, choose Caponi in the required shade and pigment it with Sentura for filling in the gaps.

Repairing Missing or Cracked Grout:

To repair missing or cracked grout, you can use our 2-part flexible epoxy resin adhesive – Sentura. It is built on a 1200psi adhesion and never pops from the surface. Sentura can be pigmented with Caponi to match your grout color. After filling in the gaps with Sentura, you will find seamless grout lines free from cracks and gaps. Sentura can also be used to seal shower corners. It can be called a caulk remover because it has completely eliminated the practice of caulking in shower corners. Sentura is a great caulk substitute as it efficiently seals the shower corners leaving a natural and sleek appearance.

best caulk substitute sentura - pFOkUS

  • Now make sure the grout is completely dry before sealing it.
  • Open the Caponi kit, you will find two bottles of Caponi Part A and Part B. Shake both the bottles well.
  • Now open the bottles and pour in all the contents in an empty container.
  • Mix well with the mixing stick provided in the kit.
  • Now using a grout brush, start applying the mixed liquid over the grout lines.
  • Cover all the Sentura and grout neatly.
  • Extra Build-up and some mess is bound to happen while applying Caponi.

Cleaning Extra-Buildup:

You can clean the excess Caponi from the tile surface using Alco – our paint thinner and reducer. Caponi is waterproof and hence to remove the extra material, you need an alcohol-based solvent. Our Alco easily removes all the extra build-up, giving you a neat looking grout and tile. Alco can also be used to clean the extra build-up created by Sentura.

Grout sealing and Grout cleaning - pFOkUS

Follow the instructions above and seal your grout with the best grout sealer to get a stain-free and mold-free shower for long. Caponi gives you a healthy shower instantly.


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