How to Clean and Maintain your Cultured Marble Bathtub?

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Bathtubs are made from different materials like acrylic, enamel cast iron, fiberglass, porcelain enamel and cast enamels like cultured marble. All these materials have a different look, unique appeal factor and separate cleaning and maintaining instructions. If you have a cultured marble bathtub, then you need to follow some specific cleaning instructions to get rid of hard water spots and etching on the surface. A right bathtub cleaning tips will help you eliminate all these issues, helping you maintain the look of your tub.

Preserve your Cultured Marble Tubs using a Quality Bathtub Cleaner

Characteristics of Cultured Marble:

  • Cultured marble is different from the usual marble you see in homes. It is made from marble dust and resin and the resultant product is a hard polymer that is not as porous as the natural stone marble.
  • People use cultured marble on countertops, floorings and bathtubs because of its durability, radiance and rich appeal.
  • Cultured marble does not need any sealing because it is stain resistant. It is neither permeable nor porous like other natural stone and hence widely preferred.
  • However, this tough stone does get spoiled and etched on using acidic cleaners. If you have a cultured marble bathtub installed in your bathrooms, then an efficient bathtub cleaner can help you eliminate etching issues.

Mentioned below are some common mistakes people make that spoil their cultured marble bathtub:

Common Mistakes Made on Cultured Marble:

  • People leave soaps and shampoo bottles on the tub surface leading to stains and spots. The acids in these products cause etching on the tub and also makes the area crack. Bacteria and mold thrive in these crevices and cracks.
  • Many people use abrasive scrub pads and steel scrubs for cleaning bathtubs. This leads to scratching and cracking issues on the outer coat.
  • Use the only shower approved cleaners for cleaning and don’t use different cleaners at all.
  • If you are using chemicals in other areas of your bathroom, ensure that you have proper ventilation. The fumes arising from the chemicals can harm your cultured marble bathtubs.
  • While using efficient disinfectants on the bathtubs, some of you do not wait for the product to start working. You need to leave the product for at least 5 minutes on the surface to work and show results.
  • While cleaning the bathtub, some of you just focus on the visible stains. There are other hidden areas, sides and inside of the tub, which is often loaded with germs. You need to clean the entire surface properly.
  • Another common mistake that people do is to let their shower curtain be longer than the required length. This attracts dampness and forms an easy breeding ground for mold and mildew.
  • Many people also use candles on the bathtub surface for a nice luxurious bath, but this practice ruins the bathtub, causing black marks and sometimes leads to permanent damage.

Helpful Tips for Cleaning and Preserving a Cultured Marble Bathtub:

A cast polymer such as cultured marble needs some proper care and maintenance to prevent stains, mold, etching and scratches. Even the slightest scratch is easily visible on its shiny and radiant surface. We recommend you to avoid using abrasive scrubs and acidic bathtub stain removers for cleaning the surface.

Mentioned below are some easy bathtub cleaning tips to keep your cultured tub safe and clean:

  • Use a cleaner approved for bathtub cleaning. Ensure that the PH of your bathtub cleaner is very high, i.e., it should be alkaline.
  • After using a bathtub cleaner for removing soap scums, wipe the area with a soft cloth to clean the remnants.
  • Engage in weekly cleaning of your bathtub to avoid germ breeding and mold.
  • Keep your bathtub clean and dry at all times. Mold and mildew love to develop in damp areas.


Benaz - The Best Cultured Marble Bathtub Cleaner

If you are looking for some efficient bathtub cleaning products, then you can grab pFOkUS products like Benaz and Valore Maintenance for cleaning and maintaining your tubs. Your bathtub can be restored like new using our products. Benaz is our incredible cleaner for cultured marble. It eliminates all the hard water dots and etching, while leaving a sparkling surface behind. We also recommend you to use Valore Maintenance for weekly cleaning. It has been designed with Repela – Technology that efficiently cleans and seals at the same time. Its molecular invisible bonding chemicals attaches to the cultured marble layer, preventing the formation of any stains or dots.

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