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Keeping the look of your commercial and residential premises can be a tough job if the right restoration products are not applied. Often customers get lured by fancy advertising and end up buying  regular glass, tile and grout cleaning products, making the surface look unsightly within months. Sometimes, people are clueless as to when to use what kind of restoration product. This article will briefly describe the common problems in tile, grout and glass. We will also give suggestions on some tried and tested restoration products.

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Have you ever wondered, tile or grout looks dirty and discolored within months, despite you use cleaners on the surface? Below we have discussed the common issues with your surface and why it allows stains and mold to take place?

Porous Grout:

Grout is the sand and cement mix which is filled in the void between two tiles. It is permeable, absorbs all liquids even the dirty mop water, causing mold, stains and discoloration. These damages also soak deep into grout, but regular cleaners only eliminate the stains and mold present on the surface which can further take place throughout the entire floor and wall. No matter how clean your tile is, if a high quality product is not applied to the grout, it will make your tile look worse.

Porous Natural Stone:

Natural stone, such as marble, slate and travertine, brings a touch of nature to your home and buildings, but it also needs to be cleaned with powerful cleaners to maintain its beauty. Natural stone is also very porous as it allows the passage of liquids, inviting stains, mold and mildew that penetrate deep into the surface. Regular cleaners will only remove the damages at the top while degrading the quality of your natural stone. If you don’t take the best solution, mold and mildew will not just ruin the look of your tile and grout, they will also cause some health issues that are depicted below:

  • Eye irritation
  • Runny nose
  • Rash
  • Wheezing

With so many problems lurking around your tile, grout and glass surfaces, you need to use the best quality products so as to remove the stains, without damaging the integrity. Mentioned-below are the common problems in showers, flooring, countertops, walls and glass surfaces. Also, read about what you need to keep in mind while restoring them.

Mold and Stains on Tile and Grout:

These should be removed by deep-penetrating cleaners as mold has a tendency to breed inside the pores. Many cleaners render your surface clean superficially, but fail to perform a deep-rooted sanitization.

Superficial Dirt and Stains on Tile and Grout

You can try Imperia Deep Clean as it is an alkaline formulation that penetrates deep inside the pores of porous natural stone, tile and grout. It does not cause any etching on the surface and renders a thoroughly clean surface.

Superficial Dirt and Stains on Tile and Grout:

Even when you have thoroughly cleaned and sanitized your surfaces, a layer of dust and dirt forming on the top is inevitable. If you want to keep your tile and grout to retain their sheen, you can maintain your surfaces using Imperia Maintenance Cleaner, which acts as a fresh cleaner leaving the surface sparkling clean and free from grime.

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Hard Water Stains and Soap Scum on Glass:

Hard water has calcium and magnesium minerals which deposit on the glass surface leaving ugly stains. These hard water dots ruin the look of your shower no matter how clean your tiles are. These water dots do not go away easily and even if you clean them properly, they come again with the next use. Moreover, glass surfaces also accumulate soap scum and lose their ideal clarity and elegance.

Hard Water Stains and Soap Scum Remover - pFOkUS

You can try removing these rigid stains with Benaz, which easily removes all the hard water dots, soap scum and etching from the glass surface making it sparklingly clean and shining.

Once your shower door is free from hard water dots,  you also need to maintain it to prevent them from forming again. You can try Valore Maintenance – a shower glass maintenance product, which cleans and seals the surface at the same time. You can just spray Valore maintenance once a week to your glass and you will be able to keep its beauty for a long time with less effort.

Cracked or Missing Grout:

Grout tends to crack, go missing or get stained. Many people resort to regrouting a cracked grout in order to repair it. But this process is temporary as it might again crack or get damaged. A better solution is to repair it with a pigmented flexible epoxy resin and color seal it with a titanium epoxy resin grout sealer to get permanent grout lines. You can try using Sentura and Caponi as they both can be pigmented in over 4o colors and they can make the surface look natural. These products promise a strong solution to your cracked grout. The titanium also effectively seals the grout and forms a waterproof layer on it.


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Lack-Lustre Natural Stone Flooring:

Often flooring loses its sheen and magnificence after a few years. In order to get back the sheen you can seal the surface with  a clear topical solvent-based stone grout sealer. When you seal the surface, you form a protective layer and hence prevent any staining or damage. Celine is a good natural stone sealer to try.

Repairing Cracked Tile and Sealing Shower Corners:

People generally get their tile changed if a crack or a hole appears on the surface. But sometimes, with the unavailability of a spare tile, it gets very difficult to get a repair job done. Another major problem in showers is to seal shower corners. People have been caulking them since decades now, only to get re-caulking done every six months. The reason for this is that caulk is quite temporary. It keeps cracking or peeling off after some months. But today, you have better and permanent solutions. You can try Sentura – a powerful epoxy adhesive. It can be used for seamless repairs on cracked tile and grout. It is also a good caulk substitute.

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An ideal cleanliness job begins with gathering the right care products first. So next time you are thinking of restoration at home, first try to analyze the exact problem and then get the right tile, grout or glass restoration products, if you want to preserve the beauty of your surfaces for long. If you find the process of restoration too overwhelming to try yourself, you can also hire experts from a restoration company to do the job for you.


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