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Are you fed up with mold and mildew in your showers and tubs? Showers are always damp and mold loves dampness. It starts breeding at the corners and from there, it quickly spreads throughout the surface. It also penetrates into the tile structure through gaps and porous grout. Many of you use caulk at the corners of your showers and tubs to prevent mold breeding. But this caulk starts peeling or cracking in a few months and so you think of recaulking. You get into a constant loop as caulking, in the first place, is not a permanent solution. Here, we shall discuss a permanent cure for shower corners and tubs. If interested, read further to know about the best caulk substitute for showers and bathtubs.

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What Causes Deterioration of Shower and Bathtub Caulks in a Few Months?

  • Most caulks are made from silicon, acrylic or latex. These materials start peeling off in wet settings and as the shower is constantly damp, caulking proves to be a failure.
  • If the weather conditions are too dry inside, caulk shrinks and cracks, forming crevices and gaps in this structure. This damaged caulk cannot seal your shower corners securely after cracking and this leads to mold and mildew breeding.
  • Mold which starts forming on the gaps, quickly spreads on the caulk also, which further deteriorates it.
  • Acidic cleaners also damage the shower caulk.

Caulk Replacement done in Bathtub -Sentura

If not Caulk, then What is a Better Caulk Substitute for Sealing Shower Corners?

Caulk is not suitable for sealing shower corners. If your caulk has become dirty and moldy, you can clean the caulk in showers, but you cannot prevent its cracking or peeling. You need a product which is indifferent to dampness and dry weather conditions. An epoxy resin sealer proves to be the perfect substitute for replacing caulk in showers as it renders a permanent bond on the corners. Our new age epoxy resin filler renders a sleek and natural appearance to the shower caulk, enhancing the overall appeal. These are not bulky like caulk and also give a permanent fix to your caulking problems.

Meet Sentura – Best Caulk Substitute:

Manufactured by pFOkUS, Sentura is our incredible caulk remover product that has totally replaced the need for caulking. It is a two part pigmented flexible solvent based epoxy/resin, formulated with a 1200psi adhesion, which ensures that it never pops out from the surface. Our epoxy grout sealer protects the floor from bacteria and stains which breed in shower corners by forming a permanent seal on the surface. It never cracks in dry settings like caulk. It can be pigmented in over 40 colors to make the shower area look very natural. This powerful adhesive can also be used for repairing cracked tile and grout.

How is Caulk Replacement done in Showers?

For replacing caulk in showers, a proper procedure has to be followed. These are easy DIY steps that you can follow to seal your corners.

  • The existing caulk should be first removed.
  • The entire area should then be cleaned with shower approved cleaners such as Imperia Deep Clean from pFOkUS. This deep-penetrating cleaner knocks off the stains and mold breeding at the root level.
  • Once the corners are dry, Sentura should be used to fill in the corners.

Cracking Caulk from Shower Corners - Sentura - pFOkUS

How is Caulk Replacement done in Bathtubs?

Many people use tub caulks to secure their bathtubs to the walls and flooring. This caulking does not give a permanent bond and soon cracks off and starts peeling, leading to mold formation in the gaps and corners. For bathtub caulk replacement, a proper procedure should be followed:

  • The existing caulk should be removed first.
  • Next, the corners should be cleaned with Imperia Deep cleaner, which can eliminate the mold and mildew lurking in the corners.
  • After the corners are dry, Sentura should be filled in the corners in a sleek way to secure the bathtub properly to the wall and flooring.
  • Lastly, it is recommended to seal the adhesive with an epoxy resin sealer – Caponi, which forms a protective layer on the surface and also makes it waterproof.

Easy DIY Instructions to Use Sentura:

Here is how you can use Sentura to seal your shower corners. Sentura kit comes with an applicator bag and a few containers.

  • Mix all part A and part B contents in the empty container.
  • Mix all the contents thoroughly in the empty container.
  • Put the mixed material into the provided applicator bag.
  • Fill all the cracks and voids with Sentura.
  • Use water to smooth Sentura.
  • After applying Sentura, you might find some paint-buildup that is quite natural. Sentura cannot be cleaned by water. You will need Alco – paint thinner to clean the buildup.


If you feel that the DIY tasks are too overwhelming, then you can contact D’Sapone – one of the leading caulk replacement service provider companies in the US. Get rid of your old caulk and replace it with our best caulk substitute – Sentura instead. It has been manufactured after years of research in the laboratories, by pFOkUS – one of the leading tile, glass, stone and grout restoration products manufacturing companies in the US. Furthermore, you will have permanent results with a sleek and natural appearance of your tile.


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