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Caring for Grout in your Bathroom

SEO pFOkUS, January 20, 2021

Grout is an inevitable and important part of your bathroom flooring. It is a sand and cement-based adhesive that joins two tiles. But, it is highly porous and has the tendency to absorb water splashes, moisture and all other liquid spills in a bathroom, leading to staining and mold development. This gives your flooring a very dirty and unmaintained look. But caring for grout in a bathroom, when done in the right way, can enhance its look and beauty for long. Here is how.

But, before we explain how to clean, repair, seal and care for grout, you should know about some regular grout problems to understand its delicate structure.

Shower Grout caring products - pFOkUS

Issues with Grout in a bathroom:

  • Just as the sand on the seashore sponges up water, grout in the bathroom too absorbs all kinds of liquids, including mop water, thereby leading to mold and stains.
  • Mold quickly spreads on the tile and other grout lines, making your bathroom flooring look dirty and unhygienic.
  • Many people use cheap or low-quality cleaners available on Big Box Stores that have a lot of acidic content.
  • Acidic cleaners easily deteriorate the grout, fade its color and cause etching on the surface.
  • Some people use water-based sealers to seal grout, but these wear off quickly, leaving your grout vulnerable again.
  • Regrouting is a common solution offered by contractors to restore your grout. But it is very temporary.

Before we proceed to explain the right method of grout restoration, let us throw some light on regrouting.

What is Regrouting and is it Worth it?

Regrouting is a common solution done to prevent grout problems. But, do you know regrouting is nothing but adding a layer of fresh grout on the existing one? It may cover your grout for a few months, but will again lead to the same issues. Regrouting is just like applying a bandage to your grout, that is not going to give a permanent fix. It is definitely not worth it. What you need to do is to first clean your grout thoroughly, repair it and then seal it with a permanent sealer.

All these grout problems can be tackled by a step-by-step grout cleaning and maintenance procedure explained below:

Step-By-Step Grout Restoration Procedure:

Shower Grout caring - pFOkUS products

Cleaning Grout with a Remarkable Cleaner:

We recommend you to use a powerful grout and tile cleaner – Imperia Deep Clean for cleaning grout. It is our high quality deep soaking cleaner which penetrates into the surface while stripping mold, stains and mildew from the root. It removes the sealers used earlier and makes the surface absolutely clear and clean.

You will need a grout brush to scrub your grout lines properly with Imperia Deep Clean. Our grout brush has soft bristles that swivel in any direction you require and are strong enough to remove the hidden traces of mold and stains.


Repairing Cracked or Missing Grout with a Powerful Adhesive:

Instead of going in for regrouting, we recommend you to fix the damaged grout and fill in the holes and cracks with Sentura. It is a two part flexible solvent-based pigmented epoxy/resin. It is planned with a 1200psi bond, which will protect the grout for a lifetime. We can shade it in more than 40 colors to suit your requirements. Once repaired with Sentura, grout becomes problem free for a lifetime.


Grout Sealing with a Titanium Sealer:

Even if you have cleaned your grout properly once, it can easily get stained again. To avoid such issues repeatedly, you can seal your grout using Caponi – a two part pigmented titanium solvent epoxy/resin sealer, which penetrates deep into grout while making it waterproof. Once the surface becomes waterproof, it will not peel off or get damaged by chemicals. You can also pick the best shade of Caponi from its available range of 40 hues.


After repairing and sealing grout with Sentura and Caponi, some extra build-up will be evident. This can be cleaned using our paint thinner – Alco. You can use Alco to remove the excess epoxy sealers and render a clean and defined look to your grout lines.

Maintaining Grout with Less Effort:

After we restore your grout, you can further protect the look of your surface with minimum effort using Valore Maintenance – a remarkable bathroom maintenance product. It is infused with 6.97% H2O2, which offers you exceptional cleanliness and makes the bathroom more hygienic. You just need to use it once a week to ensure the best results. Everyday cleaning is not required, but if you must, you can use it as your daily shower cleaner as well.


So what are you waiting for? Follow the above steps to restore your grout to its original sheen and beauty. If you feel you cannot clean and seal your grout yourself, you can contact D’Sapone – a paramount stone, tile and grout restoration service provider in the US. They offer grout restoration services using pFOkUS products Caponi and Sentura and also offer a 5 year labor warranty on the same.


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