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Best Shower Glass Sealer – Valore Glass Sealer

SEO pFOkUS, August 11, 2021

Do you often feel frustrated scrubbing away the hard water stains and soap scum forming on your glass doors all the time? Irrespective of how much effort you put in cleaning them, they reappear with the next use. Don’t you feel that there should be a permanent solution for these nasty stains? Well, now there is! pFOkUS brings you an exceptional shower glass sealer which forms a protective layer on your glass surface, thereby preventing them from stains forever. Before you read in depth about this glass sealer and how to use it, you should know about these recurring stains.

Shower Glass Sealer - Valore Glass Sealer - pFOkUS

Hard Water Stains, Etching, Soap Scum and all the Dirt that Ruins the Clarity of Glass Doors:

Glass shower doors have not one but many attackers. Those who get hard water in their taps, often find white colored salty deposits on the surface. These deposits are from calcium and magnesium, which are left over once the water evaporates. Hard water stains are not only tough to remove but they also look very unsightly.

Soap scum forming on the glass door is inevitable. Soap marks and water splashes on the door while taking a shower, leaving deposits on the surface. Acidic cleaners leave a cloudy mark on the glass known as etching. This is again, very hard to remove and also looks bad. So with all these villains around the shower glass, what you need is a strong glass cleaner that can remove them and then a strong shower glass sealer which prevents re-staining. Before sealing the glass surface, you need a good quality cleaner to remove all the marks, stains and soap scum. Benaz is one such cleaner from pFOkUS that does not damage the integrity of glass.

Valore Sealer – Impactful Glass door Protector:

Valore is a glass protector which preserves the glass doors from etching and hard water dots. After the hard water stains and soap scum have been removed using a shower glass cleaner, this sealer forms a protective shield on the glass. It not only seals and protects the surface from further stains and filth, but also imparts an ideal magnificence and lustre.


How to Use Valore Sealer?

If you want to seal your glass surface with Valore- shower door sealer, then mentioned below are some easy Do-It-Yourself instructions:

  • Ensure the glass is clean and free from stains and etching.
  • Wipe the glass dry after cleaning.
  • Spray shower glass sealer – Valore on the entire surface.
  • Wipe clean with a soft cloth. The sealer would have formed a protective layer in just one application.
  • Now when you splash water on the surface, you will find it to sheet off from the glass and not settle in droplets.
  • Valore bonds to glass surfaces and prevents bacteria, germs and mold.


Once you clean and seal your glass door with our high quality products, you can preserve its beauty with Valore Maintenance, which should be applied once a week and it is really easy to use.

Keep your glass shower doors spic and span using our sealers and cleaners. pFOkUS products are manufactured after years of research in the laboratories. We are high in quality and efficiency. We also manufacture stone, grout and tile restoration products. Our products are so efficient that D’Sapone, one of the leading tile, grout, stone and glass surface restoration service providers also relies on them. If you find these restorations quite overwhelming, you can contact this company for their services. D’Sapone artists only use pFOkUS products for their services and restorations.


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