Best Grout Cleaner of 2021 – Imperia Deep Clean

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The internet is buzzing with so many DIY home remedies and cleaners for floor grout cleaning that many of you get attracted. You will assume that cleaning your floor tile and grout yourself with simple things available at home will save time, money and you will also feel productive and proud of tackling the job yourself. Well, no doubt, it is a noble thought, but some products may easily harm your grout structure. What you need is a good-quality grout cleaner. Here we shall discuss about the best grout cleaner of 2021 – Imperia Deep Clean.

travertine floor tile cleaner - pFOkUS - Imperia Deep Clean

Before we describe this best grout cleaner, let us first understand the basic problems with grout, so that you understand the working of a good grout cleaner better.

What are the Common Issues with Grout?

  • Grout is made of cement and sand and is used between two tiles to join them. Mold formation and staining on grout is a common occurrence.
  • Grout sometimes goes missing in some places which leads to moisture accumulation and subsequent mold on tile joints and grout.
  • Acidic cleaners often leave etching marks on the surface and may deteriorate the grout color.
  • Any kind of food and beverage spills on grout, will lead to staining of the surface.

All these issues with grout deteriorate its appearance. If not maintained well, within a few months, the surface will lose its lustre and start looking dull.

Problems with Home Remedies or Cheap Grout Cleaners:

There are many home remedies available on the internet like using vinegar or baking soda to clean dirty grout. Home remedies undoubtedly work out cheaper, but, in the long run damage the integrity and beauty of your grout. Clean and immaculate grout adds life to your tile flooring. Vinegar is acidic and cleaning grout with acidic cleaners leads to etching on the surface,

Most commercially available cheap grout cleaners are acidic as well. These cause the grout color to fade away. They also rip off the tile and grout sealant, making the surfaces vulnerable to water absorption and mold breeding.

Best Grout Cleaner of 2021:

Imperia Deep Clean from pFOkUS is undoubtedly the best grout cleaner of 2021. It is an easy DIY tile and grout cleaner that is also used by D’Sapone – one of the best residential and commercial complexes restoration companies. This cleaner comes with a deep-penetrative action. It easily seeps into the pores of the grout lines and eliminates all traces of hidden mold and stains from the root. It is also alkaline and hence, does not cause any damage to the grout surface. Imperia Deep Clean not only works as a dried grout cleaner, but also removes any stains, mold, mildew and dirt on grout and tile. It leaves a sparkling tile and grout surface after cleaning.


Advice Regarding Grout Cleaning:

While using Imperia Deep Clean to scrub grout lines, we suggest you use a grout brush. pFOkUS has the best grout brush that comes with strong bristles that swivel in any direction and help you get rid of all the dirt efficiently.
After cleaning grout, we recommend you to seal your grout with Caponi grout sealer. It is a two-part titanium solvent-based flexible epoxy/resin sealer. It will make your grout lines waterproof and prevent them from getting stained or dirty.

So, use Imperia Deep Clean for your DIY grout cleaning talk or call a professional grout cleaning service like D’Sapone that uses Imperia Deep Clean and Caponi for their grout restoration procedures and offers a 5 year labor warranty on their services. In both cases, your grout should be treated with this best grout cleaner of 2021 for best results.


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