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8 Remarkable Floor Restoration Products

SEO pFOkUS, April 5, 2021

Do you find your floors damaged, dirty and stained? Often you feel like indulging in a do-it-yourself floor cleaning and restoration job because you do not want to pay for expert services or you do not have the access to such services. pFOkUS brings you a delightful range of self-cleaning and sealing floor restoration products that can help you clean, repair and seal your floors yourself. With our easy-to-use products you can now restore the beauty of your tile and grout just like it were new.

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Common Issues with Floors:

Have you ever wondered why your tile and grout look dirty and discolored within months, despite you using cleaners? Floors are made from tile and grout. Both these are highly permeable surfaces. Below we have discussed the common issues with floors and why it allows stains and mold to take place.

shower, the tile and stone restoration - pFOkUS

Grout Problems:

Grout is made from sand and cement and is used to fill the gap between two tiles. It acts as an adhesive. It is permeable, absorbs all liquids, even the dirty mop water, causing mold, stains and discoloration. These damages also soak deep into grout, but regular cleaners only eliminate the stains and mold present on the surface which can further take place throughout the entire floor and wall. Regardless of how clean the tile is, if the grout has stains and mold, it will make the entire flooring look dirty.

Tile Problems:

  • Natural stone, such as marble, slate and travertine, brings the touch of nature to your home and buildings, but it also needs to be cleaned with powerful cleaners to maintain its beauty. Natural stone tile is permeable just like grout. It allows the entry of water into its pores and leads to dense staining, mold and mildew breeding. Commercial cleaners available on the market are only effective in eliminating the top surface germs, mold and stains, but cannot get rid of deep-rooted stains or mold. If you don’t take the best solution, the mold and mildew will not just ruin the look of your tile and grout, they will also cause some health issues such as eye irritation, runny nose and wheezing.
  • Ceramic, porcelain and such other tile are not that porous like natural stone tile. They are more resistant comparably to allow moisture to penetrate deep into their pores, but are not stain-resistant. Dense stains, etching and mold formation does occur on its top surface, ruining its beauty and integrity.

Instead of scrubbing and scouring your tile and grout repeatedly, use our floor restoration products and get rid of all these issues with less effort:

Our floor restoration product range includes tile and grout cleaners, grout sealer, tile sealer, cracked tile and grout repair product, two floor maintenance products, Efflorescence remover and a cultured marble cleaner. Let us now read in-depth how each product is to be used for a complete floor restoration.

Tile And Grout Cleaner | Imperia Deep Clean

Imperia Deep Clean:

Imperia Deep Clean – is our deep penetrating floor tile grout cleaner, which removes the stains and mold at the root level. It sanitizes and preps tile and grout without damaging the integrity of the tile. This is the first step to self cleaning your tile and grout.


Here is How you have to Use Imperia Deep Clean:

  • Fill the sprayer bottle with the concentrated solution of Imperia Deep Clean.
  • Dilute the concentrate with hot water upto 1 gallon.
  • Fill a second sprayer bottle with hot water. This will be used to neutralize the surface and wash off Imperia
  • Deep Clean from the walls.
  • Add a little quantity of alcohol to the solution. This will help to dry out the surface faster.
  • After solutions are ready, spray on the floor and allow to dry for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Re-apply Imperia and do not allow it to dry on the surface this time.
  • Scrub the tile and grout lines thoroughly to remove all the traces of hidden germs, stains and mold.
  • Re-apply Imperia on the walls.
  • Next, using the neutralizer, spray from top to bottom.
  • Next, retract the remnants from the floor.


If you have installed cultured marble tile for your floors, you cannot use Imperia Deep Clean, as it can cause etching. To help you self clean a cultured marble flooring, we have made Benaz – our glass and cultured marble cleaner. Benaz is highly efficient for cleaning cultured marble. Cultured marble is concocted from marble dust and resin and hence is not as porous as natural marble. Benaz is best for cleaning cultured marble because it does not cause etching on the surface.


Here is How you can Use Benaz:

  • The first step is to clean your cultured marble floor with Benaz.
  • You need to apply benaz to the applicator and rub it gently over the etched and stained surface.
  • Softly massage the surface and wipe clean with a dry cloth.
  • A clear and clean surface below will be revealed.


While cleaning floors, if you find a thick powdery deposit of calcium and magnesium minerals on your shower tile, then you should know that this build-up is efflorescence. It arises due to masonry issues and if not removed at the right time, it may clog your drains or crack your tile and grout. You should never scrape away efflorescence with a sharp tool, instead, you should use Zido. This chemical manufactured by pFOkUS has changed the way efflorescence can be removed without leaving any harsh residue or chemicals behind.


Here is How you can Use Zido:

  • First remove the shower drain cover to clean out the drain.
  • Next, scrape off the bulk grout and tile efflorescence.
  • Then use Zido chemical on the left over residue. Zido chemical attacks the mineral deposits on the tile and grout and loosens their bonds. It helps to remove efflorescence from the mud bed and also from under the tile.


Our revolutionary product Sentura has completely changed the practice of changing tile in case of cracks or chips or regrouting in case of damaged or missing grout. Sentura can be used as a powerful adhesive that can be filled in these cracks and crevices to get a seamless repair job. We manufactured Sentura, which gives permanent results with its sleek and natural appearance. It is a two part flexible, pigmented epoxy resin adhesive built on a 1200psi foundation, which seals the cracks in tile and grout. It delivers permanent results as it never pops off from the surface. Sentura is also used as a caulk substitute to seal the shower corners.


Here is How you can Use Sentura:

  • Mix the contents in part A and part B in an empty container. Both the contents come in separate packs and need to be mixed thoroughly at the time of application.
    Put mixed material into the applicator bag. The applicator bag is provided in the Sentura kit. This bag helps in easy application.
  • Fill all the cracks and voids with Sentura. Ensure that you leave no gaps on shower corners, grout lines and also in cracks which have developed on the tile.
  • Use water to smooth Sentura. Remove the excess build-up using a soft cloth.
  • If there is a loose tile, apply Sentura to fix it. You can apply this adhesive on the sides of the loose tile to fix it.


Grout sealing is very important because the moisture present in the grout may lead to mold breeding under the tile sealant coat, giving a hazy appearance to your tile. Our powerful epoxy grout sealer – Caponi is built on a two part titanium based epoxy resin foundation, which effectively seals the grout and forms a waterproof layer on it. Caponi does its work in just one coat and is available in 40 colors, which enables you to match it with your tile surface.


Here is How you can Use Caponi:

  • After the grout has dried properly after cleaning, you can apply the epoxy grout sealer.
  • Apply the sealant in a smooth and even coat over the grout lines.
  • After applying Caponi on the grout lines, you can wipe off the excess build-up using an alcohol-based paint thinner.


Tile sealing is an important step after cleaning and repairing. This can be done in a do-it-yourself way without much hassle using our revolutionary product Celine. It is our clear topical solvent-based stone grout sealer, which creates a hydrophobic surface on the stone. Celine penetrates deep inside the pores of tile and grout and shuts them. It also gives a very sleek and natural appearance unlike other low quality sealers which are very bulky. Celine forms a protective barrier on your stone and grout, making them waterproof.


Here is How you can Use Celine:

  • Before applying Celine, ensure that the surface is clean and dry.
  • Apply an even coat of Celine on your floor tile and grout. Use an applicator as it helps to spread evenly. After the application of the first coat, you will find the surface with a semi-glossy finish.
  • Next, before applying the second coat, you need to let the first coat dry for 48 hours before exposing it to any sort of moisture or dampness again.
  • Apply the second coat of Celine after 48 hours and then wait for another 1 to 5 hours for it to dry off completely. You will find your floors restored with a very high gloss sheen after the second coat.

Imperia Maintenance Cleaner:

Even after proper cleaning and sealing, superfluous stains and mold are inevitable. Dust, dirt and stains will form on the top of your floor tile and grout, that can be cleaned with a light maintenance cleaner. We also manufacture a tile and grout cleaner – Imperia Maintenance Cleaner, which acts as a fresh cleaner leaving the surface sparkling clean and free from grime. This product can be used on a weekly basis as it makes your chores easier and effortless.


Here is How you can Use Imperia Maintenance:

Spray Imperia Maintenance on a clean cloth and wipe off the tile and grout surface to reveal a sparkling flooring.

Valore Maintenance:

Just like Imperia Maintenance, we also manufactured Valore Maintenance, which is infused with 6.97% H2O2 at the molecular level. It is a stronger maintenance cleaner of the two. It is also used for maintaining and cleaning sealed glass surfaces.


Here is How you can Use Valore Maintenance:

  • Spray Valore Maintenance on a clean cloth and wipe off the tile and grout surface to reveal a sparkling flooring.

An ideal self cleaning, sealing and restoration job begins with gathering the right products first and then indulging in a step-by-step cleaning process. So next time your floor tile and grout need cleaning, sealing, repair and maintenance, grab premium-quality pFOkUS products if you want to preserve the beauty of your surfaces for long. If you do not have time to perform these restoration procedures yourself, then you can hire D’Sapone – one of the leading floor restoration service providers in the U.S. Their trained artists will restore your tile and grout just like new along with a 5-year labor warranty.


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