7 Days to Christmas: How to Clean Your Home Before the Big Day

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Your beloved festival is just around the corner, and we are sure you might have loads of to-do lists before the big day arrives. As you move from pillar to post buying gifts for your loved ones and restocking your pantry for the festive day, do not forget your Christmas cleaning! This festive season, as guests, friends and relatives drop in to celebrate, treat them to a spic and span house along with lip-smacking delicacies.

Do not get burdened by this cleaning task, as we have made the task quite easy for you. Christmas home cleaning can be tackled easily when you have figured out which areas to clean and how. We have mentioned below six different areas in your home with their restoration guidelines.

Follow these Guidelines for your Christmas Home Cleaning:


Floors face dust, dirt, stains, acidic food and beverage spills, dirty mop water, moisture and all sorts of other debris. Natural stone floor go through the worst scenario as they absorb a major portion of this moisture and debris, thereby leading to mold and mildew breeding. Acidic spills and acidic cleaners further cause etching marks on your floors.

Apply Imperia Deep Clean – a Penetrating Tile and Grout Cleaner:

An easy and quick way to restore your flooring before Christmas arrives is to clean them with a heavy duty cleaner like Imperia Deep Clean. This deep-penetrating, alkaline cleaner can eliminate all the stains, mold, mildew and etching while soaking deep into the surface without damaging its integrity.


Use Celine – a Clear Topical Solvent Resin Tile and Grout Sealer

Only cleaning the floor is not enough, as cleaning can only remove the stains, mold and mildew that would take place quickly again if the surface is not waterproofed. Your floor tile and grout should be sealed with a high quality epoxy resin clear topical solvent resin – Celine. It penetrates into the surface while adding a coating protection. Celine also adds a slight sheen to tile and grout.


Repair Cracks with Sentura – a Two Part Pigmented Flexible Solvent Epoxy Resin

If there are cracks in your tile and grout, repair them instead of replacing them. Fill the cracks with Sentura – a two part pigmented flexible solvent based epoxy resin designed with a 1200psi adhesion. It can be pigmented in 40 colors to suit your project needs and will delivers a natural look while performing a seamless repair job.



Once your flooring is restored, it is time to tackle your kitchen countertops. Impress your guests by showcasing an absolutely clean and sparkling countertop. The main problems with a kitchen countertop is oil spills, stains, yellowish appearance and etching marks. If you have natural stone installed on your countertops, you can expect the oil stains to penetrate deep inside the pores and form stubborn stains. Moreover, continuous moisture and dampness on the countertops, leads to mold and mildew formation too.

To treat your countertops, you need to follow the same steps as you did for your floorings. Imperia Deep Clean is very effective in removing the oil stains and yellowish marks from your countertops. After cleaning, you can seal it with Celine and repair chips and cracks with Sentura and then seal the entire surface using Celine.


Showers face a lot of water splashes, soap scum and hard water stains. White salt deposits due to hard water, soap scum accumulations, stains due to soap and shampoo spills, mold formation and grime are common woes in a shower.

Render your shower flooring and walls clean and sparkling by using Imperia Deep Clean to remove all the dirt and debris. Next, check for chips and cracks and seal them with Sentura adhesive. If you do not repair the cracks, water will accumulate in the pits and holes, leading to mold formation again. Lastly, seal the surface using Celine. This way you can only clean the you shower floor and walls, but there are other important part of a shower too that require the same care. Below we have mentioned about other surfaces in shower which should be restored using high quality products.

Restore Glass Surfaces:

Your shower cleaning is incomplete if you have not restored your glass surfaces. Glass used in your shelves and shower glass doors equally face a lot of water splashes, soap scum and hard water stains. Moreover, if you have used acidic cleaners in the past, your glass may have etching marks too.

Use Benaz – a Powerful Glass Cleaner:

You can remove all the hard water stains, soap scum and etching marks from your glass using Benaz. This high-quality glass cleaner is gentle on the surface and harsh on the stains. It easily removes all the dirt, grime and debris, revealing a clean and sparkling surface.


Apply Valore – a Quality Glass Sealer:

Once your glass is clean, you should seal it using Valore Sealer to prevent further staining. This sealer makes your surface waterproof and prevent water from creating hard dots on the surface. Hence, no stains can form on your glass again.


Tubs and Sinks:

You often tend to ignore deep cleaning your tubs and sinks. They are hoarders of germs and mold. Similarly, a dirty sink and tub can also make your bathroom very repulsive.

Knock off all the germs and mold settled on your tubs and sinks using Imperia Deep Clean. This will ensure you complete sanitization and give you a hygienic looking bathroom. Then you can apply Celine to keep its beauty.


Caulk, which is applied in the corners often starts peeling or cracking in some time. If you think that you should get re-caulking done to give your bathroom a makeover for Christmas, then it will be nothing short of a burden for you as re-caulking will again fail in six months. We have a better solution for you that is permanent.

Instead of re-caulking your showers, remove the old caulk, clean the surface with Imperia Deep Clean and seal the corners with Sentura. This epoxy resin adhesive is the best caulk alternative. It seals the corners in just one coat and never pops off from the surface.

After tackling your flooring, countertops and showers before Christmas, you have almost given your home the makeover it needed before the Big Day. Once your floor shower and countertop are restored, you can maintain their beauty for a long time using our high quality maintenance products, such as Imperia Maintenance designed to maintain floor and countertop, and Valore Maintenance manufactured specially for showers.

7 Days to Christmas: How to Clean Your Home Before the Big DayMake this Christmas very special by using pFOkUS’ products. A light dusting here and there, will make your home absolutely clean and sparkling. Now you can celebrate Christmas with all the zest and excitement. Call your family and friends for a festive treat and celebrate Christmas in its true spirit!


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