5 Mistakes People make when Cleaning Grout

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Often while cleaning tile, you ignore the grout. It is the thin line found between two tiles. The purpose of this grout is to join the tiles. It is made of cement and sand and hence is quite porous. It easily absorbs water and liquid spills leading to stains and mold formation. Grout also cracks and goes missing in some areas, leading to gaps in the surface. If you think that these petite grout lines will not cause any major harm, then you must reconsider. The mold breeding on these quickly spreads to the entire tile surface. But cleaning grout has to be done in a proper way. Here is what you need to avoid.

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Common Grout Cleaning Mistakes and the Right Methods

Using too much Water while Cleaning:

Never ignore the structural integrity of grout. As it is porous, using too much water will only cause it to absorb it. Too much water present at its molecular level will weaken it at the root level. Moisture easily gets trapped in the pores and later offers favorable circumstances for mold breeding. If you use too much water for grout cleaning, the excess might penetrate deep into the underlayment beneath the tile and weaken the adhesive used to install the tile. This later, leads to loosening of the tile.

The Right Method:

Use powerful products that easily help to remove all hidden traces of mold, mildew and stains within the grout lines, without using too much water. Imperia Deep Clean is one such floor grout cleaner that is deep-soaking and tough against hidden germs and mold.

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Abrasive Cleaners:

If you plan to use your strong metal scrub on your grout, then you must be aware of the consequences! Harsh or abrasive cleaners rip off the top sealant coat from the tile and grout, making them vulnerable to moisture absorption and staining.

The Right Method:

The right method to clean the grout lines is to use a grout-friendly brush that has the perfect bristles that do not remove the sealant, but manage to remove the hidden germs and mold because of the way the bristles swivel. Grout Brush from pFOkUS is especially designed for cleaning grout.

pFOkUS - Grout Brush

Using Colored Chemicals:

Some stain removers come with very strong colors that easily discolor your grout. The porous surface absorbs these colors of the chemical and loses their own color. If you have recently got grout color matching done using pigmented solvent-based sealers, then colored chemicals can discolor the lines easily.

The Right Method:

The right method is to use a grout cleaner that does not have any strong color of its own. It should be tough on the stains and mold and ineffective on the grout shade. You can use Imperia Maintenance or Valore Maintenance to clean your grout once you have got grout sealing done.

 Imperia Maintenance - Grout Maintenance

Using Acidic Cleaners:

Using acidic cleaners that are commercially available on the market, will lead to grout discoloration, staining or deterioration. The acid present in these products loosens the molecular bonds and eventually disintegrates the structure.

The Right Method:

The right method is to refrain from using acidic cleaners or any cleaners with a low pH level as these harm the integrity of the delicate and porous grout.

Using Home Remedies:

Using home remedies like lemon, bleach or baking soda to clean grout might remove the stains, but also damage and disintegrate your grout. These are acidic products and have the same effects as any other commercially available acidic cleaner. Baking soda and bleach manage to rip the grout off its color and fade its hue.

The Right Method:

The right method is to use Imperia Deep Clean as it is grout-friendly cleaner. If you feel the task of grout cleaning is too overwhelming, you can also seek expert service from companies like D’Sapone, which is a leading grout restoration service provider.

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How to Clean your Grout in the Right Way – Step-by-Step Tutorial

If you need deep cleaning, using Imperia Deep Clean and if you want to maintain grout after sealing it, using Imperia Maintenance.


Imperia Deep Clean Steps:

  • Pour the concentrated solution of Imperia Deep Clean in the sprayer bottle and dilute it with hot water upto 1 gallon.
  • Fill the second sprayer bottle with hot water and 8 oz alcohol. This will be used to neutralize and dry the grout lines faster.
  • Begin spraying from the far corner of the tile surface to the nearest side to you. Allow to dry for 10 minutes.
  • Retract and re-apply Imperia.
  • Now start scrubbing with a grout brush to remove all stains and mold.
  • Lastly, retract the residue and wipe with clean water.

Imperia Maintenance Steps:

  • Spray some solution on the grout lines.
  • Wipe with a soft, wet cloth to reveal a sparkling surface below.


So, clean your grout in the above-mentioned steps or seek expert advice from D’Sapone.


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