5 Essential Cleaning Products Every Home Needs

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Having the right cleaning products at home makes your maintenance job easier and efficient. With the right tools and cleaners at hand, you can easily clean any kind of mess within minutes, without damaging the integrity of your home surfaces.

The best part with these cleaning products is that now there will be no more yelling at your kids in case of spills!! :))Generally homemakers are always frustrated with home maintenance. DIY cleaning solutions may sound easy when you look up online, but they do take a lot of time and effort. How nice it would be to have the best cleaning products at hand that are especially formulated to work on your main cleaning problems only.

5 Essential Cleaning Products Every Home Needs - pFOkUS products

Here, we will introduce you to the ultimate and essential 5 cleaning products that every home needs. First we will discuss the common problems that arise in every home and will also explain the relevant essential cleaning product that will help you get rid of the problem.

Essential Cleaning Requirements in Homes and Relevant Cleaning Products:

1. Dirty, Stained, Greasy Floors Covered with Mold and Mildew:

Essential Cleaning Products - Dirty, Stained, Greasy Floors Covered with Mold and Mildew - Imperia deep clean -

Any home flooring, irrespective of having kids around, does get dirty. Regular mopping and sweeping might take away all the superfluous dirt and stains, but over time, stains also get deep-rooted and stubborn. Floors in kitchens especially face the issues of food and beverage spills. They turn greasy and sticky. The color of your tile and grout change and turn yellow. Some people use acidic cleaners to clean their tiles, resulting in etch marks. If moisture is present in some corners of your floors, mold and mildew occurrence is inevitable. Mold is a common occurrence in shower floors. Shower floors face the issues of soap scum accumulation and hard water dots, in case of hard water flowing from the taps.

So, what is the solution for all these floor problems? Are you seeking a cleaner that penetrates deep inside porous tile and grout and knocks off all the stains and mold?



The one and only solution to all these home flooring problems is Imperia Deep Clean. This incredible and powerful deep-penetrative cleaner from pFOkUS, instantly penetrates inside porous surfaces and removes all traces of mold and stains from the root. It does not damage the integrity of the floor tile and grout as it is alkaline. Moreover, this floor deep cleaner is perfectly suitable for less porous or non-porous floor tile such as ceramic, etc., as well.

2. Superfluous Stains, Mold and Rust Marks on Sealed Floor Tile and Grout:

Superfluous Stains, Mold and Rust Marks on Sealed Floor Tile and Grout - Essential Cleaning Products

Regardless of how well you have deep-cleaned and sealed your grout and floor tile, you cannot avoid superfluous stains on any surface. Kids will continue to spill and food and beverages in the kitchen or living room will continue to fall and make the flooring dirty. Moreover, shower floors will get covered with soap scum and dirt, if not cleaned regularly. You cannot control your kids from spilling food or beverage on the floors repeatedly. Often cleaning products available on the market are so acidic, that they remove your protective sealant coat and make your surfaces vulnerable to stains again.



For cleaning deep-cleaned and sealed floor tile and grout, you should only use Imperia Maintenance. It is a wonderful combination of a sealer and a cleaner that helps to remove the stains and mold from the surface without damaging the top sealant coat. It works as a perfect floor maintenance cleaner that can be used regularly to maintain your floor tile and grout.

3. Stubborn Stains, Etching, Hard Water Dots, Mold, Soap Scum and Oily Deposits on Glass Surfaces:

Incredible Glass Sealer - Essential Cleaning Products

Installing glass doors in shower seems like an ideal solution to keep bathrooms dry, but what about these doors’ maintenance? They seem forever covered in hard water stains, soap scum, soap and shampoo spills, mold and mildew and etch marks from the previous acidic cleaner you used by mistake!! Regardless of whichever cleaner you buy from the market, either some leave streaks behind, some cause etching and some are just too useless to remove any stains. So, what is the solution??



The solution to your glass door stains lies in a glass door-approved cleaner – Benaz. It is the ultimate glass cleaner that removes all the stains and dirt from your glass doors instantly, without damaging the integrity or beauty of your surfaces. It is an essential cleaning product to have at home for any kind of glass cleaning. The plus point is that it is so easy to use, that you will not mind using it on all your glass shelves and other glass surfaces at home as well!

4. Superfluous Stains and Dirt on Shower Glass Doors:

Superfluous Stains and Dirt on Shower Glass Doors - Essential Cleaning Products

Once you have cleaned your glass doors and sealed them, almost 80% of your glass cleaning is done. But, what about maintenance? While cleaning removes the stubborn stains and sealing prevents deep stains from forming again, you cannot prevent superfluous stains from forming. These will not damage the integrity of your glass surfaces, but they do make the surface look dirty. Cleaning a sealed glass with any cleaner available on the market will remove the protective sealant and make the glass vulnerable to stains again.


The best solution for maintaining cleaned and sealed glass doors is to have an essential glass maintenance cleaner – Valore Maintenance, at home. This one is fused with 6.97% H2O2, making it a very powerful cleaning product. It cleans the surface, while also sealing it. It keeps the top glass sealant intact and hence, it is an essential glass maintenance product to have at home.

5. Efflorescence covered tile and grout in showers and pool areas:

Efflorescence covered tile and grout in showers and pool areas - Essential Cleaning Products

A whitish cement-like deposit on your shower tile and pool tile is not any regular dirt, but efflorescence. It is a mixture of minerals and cement. These travel from beneath the underlayment of your tile floor to the top surface via your drain. The efflorescence looks nasty, dirty and may even clog your drain if not removed at the earliest. If you have tried to scrape it off with a sharp tool, you might have got scratches on your precious tile.



The best solution to remove efflorescence is to have the essential efflorescence remover – Zido at home. It is a unique formulation that instantly dissolves the efflorescence and gives you a clear looking surface immediately.

With these 5 essential cleaning products at home, you can maintain the beauty, integrity and also the hygiene of your home surfaces all the time. These are specially formulated for hard surface maintenance by pFOkUS – a leading hard surface restoration products manufacturing company in the US.


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